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Waves (WAVES) Blockchain Project launches Explorer 2.0

Waves (WAVES) Platform, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) The project that claims to help users memorize, exchange, manage and issue digital resources in an easy and safe way, has announced the launch of its Explorer 2.0, according to a average blog post on December 26th 2018.

Waves on Mobile

Such as he has declared In its blog post, the Waves platform has successfully released Explorer 2.0 to simplify the lives of its users. The team states that Explorer 2.0 is fully mobile-friendly and fits into Waves' unified design concept.

At a time when the winter crypt Leaning heavily on the entire cryptocurrency, along with the long Christmas holidays, Waves says that his development team has left no room for distractions, as they continue to work full-time to make the network the best among its peers.

Waves made it clear that the Explorer 2.0 version is loaded with a wide range of interesting features, including a much clearer and more intuitive interface, improved stability and performance, advanced network settings that allow users to quickly switch from MainNet to TestNet, easy network and node location and more.

With the essential and highly functional features mentioned above, users of the Waves platform can now monitor transactions, network status and conduct other frictionless transactions directly from their smartphones.

"We've improved code quality by eliminating unnecessary API calls and using new libraries," said the Waves team, adding:

"The result of these optimizations is a noticeable improvement in the loading times for pages and components."

Next steps

Although the launch is a huge success for Waves, the team has hinted that they are still not resting on the oars while they are actively developing new APIs for the network to view the distribution of tokens for addresses and also to view the "history of change of balance. "

Waves also said that he is working on adding a map of the distribution of network nodes around the world and more. Founded in 2016 through a crowdfunding process by Sasha Ivanov, who is a Russian theoretical physicist, Waves Platform remains one of the most active DLT current projects.

Such as reported by BTCManager in July 2017, Waves collaborated with Deloitte CIS, a global professional services company, to offer customers an initial professional money offer (ICO) personalized blockchain services and solutions.

In related news, December 19, 2018, relationships It emerged that Waves had raised $ 120 million to help develop a private blockchain network for large corporations and governments.

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