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Waves launches the new version of blockchain explorer

Waves launches the new version of blockchain explorer

The launch of Blockchain Waves has announced the launch of Explorer 2.0, a new version of its mobile-optimized blockchain explorer.

In an online post, the company said:

"The new version of Waves Explorer 2.0 is an important update, bringing the user interface in line with the design of other Waves products. We have included several stability patches and, more importantly, we have improved the experience of mobile devices. "

The new version will allow users to easily control transactions and network status from their smartphone or tablet. Waves said that Explorer 2.0 has "a much clearer and more user-friendly interface" and added that the overall experience is "similar to other apps in the Waves ecosystem".

In addition, the new explorer allows you to easily switch from MainNet to TestNet. It will also allow users to configure Explorer for their custom network, which means they will be able to track any network or node they want.

Waves claimed to have improved code quality by removing unnecessary API calls and using new libraries, which led to "a noticeable improvement in page and component loading times".

"We are currently working on new APIs that will allow us to view token distribution through addresses and observe the history of balance changes, and we are also planning to add a network distribution map across the world, with basic information from which to start and much more ", he added.

Earlier this month, Waves announced that it had raised $ 120 million in more recent funding to launch its private blockchain platform and systems integrator, Vostok.

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