Was Tron HODLers in possession of a bag left?



The phrase is to keep the bag & # 39; It is defined as the act of someone who is put in a situation where they are responsible for something – often unfairly – because others fail or refuse to take full responsibility for it. In the case of cryptocurrency markets, "keeping the stock market" can be compared to the way some HODLers have been left with a particular digital resource such as the founder's graphs and execute an exit strategy. One of the founders who have been accused of doing so is Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC) when he sold all his LTC in April. The price of the digital asset has collapsed since then. Therefore, it is not surprising that some Tron HODLER (TRX) wonder if they too have been left in their hands.

But before speculating, let's do a few numbers and find what we can find out. The total offer of the Tron currency (TRX) is 99 billion TRX. The circulating supply is equal to 65.75 billion and the difference compared to the total supply amounts to 33.25 billion TRX. This last amount is what the Tron Foundation owns and is held in 1,000 traceable addresses on the Tron network. You can track blocked funds on TronScan. They will not be available for the Tron Foundation until 1 January 2020.

Historical Tron Dumps During major announcements

Looking back over time, the Tron project has had some calendar events that have marked progress in progress. The first was Testnet launched on March 31st. What happened on March 30th, is that the price of the TRX fell from $ 0.050 on that day, to $ 0.030 on April 5th: a fall of 40%. Everyone expected that the digital resource was used by Moon, but it is not.

The Mainnet was launched on May 31 and something similar happened. There was a gradual decline in price from May 21 to $ 0.083, to $ 0.40 by June 13: a decrease of 52%. Then there was the launch of Genesis Block on June 25 and TRX rose from $ 0.040 on June 30th to $ 0.017 by August 14th: a 57.5% decline. This last event was the Tron Independence Day and this company was expected to translate into a massive TRX Bull Run, but nothing happened.

Any explanations

We can all say that the general cryptic atmosphere from March has been one of a bear market, but the achievements of the Tron project in 12 months have been like no other. If TRON were a Fortune 500 company, it would have reached the $ 1 trillion rating very easily. The project had acquisitions on a scale only on Wallstreet. The Tron Foundation acquired BitTorrent for $ 120 million in cash and Blockchain.Org for an undisclosed amount.

The Loopholes

A question we can all ask is where did the Tron and Justin Foundation find $ 120 million to buy the BitTorrent platform? The ICO Tron was noted for raising $ 70 million when it was completed last September. TRX peaked at $ 0.30 in January, leaving the gates open for some experienced traders to sell off some of their earnings. These traders could have kept TRX in large numbers and dumped slowly to avoid suspicion. Remember that the ICO value of a TRX was $ 0.0019.

Could it be that whales hold massive volumes of Tron as part of the 65.75 billion in circulation and have slowly liquidated during the iped events?

This is the million dollar question that some cryptic enthusiasts have asked. Perhaps there are some important whales that hide themselves through the sale calculated during the strategic events of Tron. But then again, this kind of thinking is pure speculation. No evidence of Whales has arrived. TRX could simply suffer from continuous FUD and poor market conditions.

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