Vitalik Buterin continues on "Tweet Storm" about Casper of Ethereum


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin launched a "tweet storm" on August 16, allegedly to succinctly explain the Casper protocol to the crypto-enthusiast while rejecting rumors and misunderstandings.

The 75-tweet update from Buterin showed the developer's rage with commonly-spread rumors, in addition to fear, uncertainty, and doubts ( FUD ). Casper, the pole test project (PoS) of the blockchain protocol, also explained.

Buterin kicked off his tweet storm at the beginning when Ethereum was in his concept of 2014. At the time, the lesser known but significant developer, Vlad Zamfir was taking into account a system of incentives that required network validators to "deposit" deposits, "much larger than the premiums, which could be removed for misbehavior." [19659003] Despite his lack of presence in the media, Zamfir dedicated the lion's share of his time to the construction of Casper, which Buterin highlighted:

List of the results of the protocol, Buterin noted the threat of "long-range attack" as a point of discussion with Zamfir. He also said that proof-of-work proponents argue that such attacks are inevitable with the PoS system, mainly using this argument to reject the consensus mechanism. That said, Buterin tweeted:

Buterin added that Zamfir's proposal was initially ignored in favor of a "consensus for bet", an article he considered "unproductive"

Over time, Zamfir has highlighted the errors in Buterin's proposal and introduced the latter in a different school of thought "corrected by construction":

At this point, Zamfir's research laid the groundwork for Casper and its FFG (Friendly Finality Gadget) update, which could overlap with any PoS system to add purpose guarantees.In those years, Buterin fiddled with various iterations of the Byzantine fault tolerant algorithm strongly focused on block voting mechanisms that later identified themselves with the following article:

After much simplification of the above proposal, it was formed the Casper FFG:

Buterin revealed that Zamfir and himself criticized their works and their solutions; the two even argued over the search for synergy to escape the 51% attacks. At that time, Zamfir worked with Georgios Piliouras to estimate the cost of launching a feared attack on the network Ethereum :

Following endless arguments, Zamfir and Buterin achieved success in their respective paintings, with the This last one addresses the "enormous progress" made by FFG regarding the blockchain Ethereum .

However, Buterin later revealed that FFG was highly incompatible with Sharding and ESwarm, which were both updates to increase the scalability of the network:

Not one to move back, Buterin shared that the team focused its research efforts on a hybrid solution compatible in sync with the evolution of Ethereum blockchain. He then unveiled the idea of ​​Casper's "chain of beacons", which tries to integrate the whole PoS protocol.

Concluding his tweet storm, Buterin highlighted several conversations with Zamfir about the tolerant 99% Leslie Lamport algorithms based on GHOST fork choices and validation rules.

The co-founder of Ethereum concluded his long narrative of 75 tweets on a forward-looking note:

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