Video | Nasser Abu Lafi: The clip “Continue” is an appeal to the whole Arab world


Jordanian rapper Nasser Abu Lafi posted his latest video, titled “Continue”, on the international video site YouTube.

The song is a call from Nasser to face frustration, failure and destruction, to continue the resistance, to complete the path and to break the barriers of fear, whether you are an individual close to his personal problems or the problems of his. general society, state and country where you live.

Rapper Nasser Abu Lafi said: The idea for the clip was born after the explosion of the port of Beirut as a result of negligence and the consequent destruction of half of the city and considering it a capital of the disaster in which hundreds of victims and thousands of victims fell. wounded.

Nasser added: Defeat is not falling to the ground, defeat is not getting up, and I say to Lebanon and the Arab world and all those who are desperate, get up and move on.

Clip “Continua”, voice, lyrics and melody: Nasser Abu Lafi, distributed by: Tariq, Mix and Master: Maher Kaddoura, edited and directed by: Farid Khaled, and is produced by Life Art.


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