Vertcoin (VTC) is trying to make a leap to the highest level of cryptocurrencies


Vertcoin has had some interesting price movements over the last two weeks. After the July flatline, the price saw a solid breakout that led to levels of $ 2.13 / 25906 satoshi. This breakout was soon canceled when Vertcoin returned to its pre-pump levels.

Trader shyamnair provided this chart two weeks ago and Vertcoin is following it to T.

Vertcoin is a resilient ASIC- cryptocurrency that provides peer-to-peer value transactions similar to Bitcoin or Litecoin. In a world where ASICs are taking away the management of cryptocurrency from people's hands and insert it into those of the mineral tanks, Vertcoin represents an interesting diversion from the general standard. Commercializing as a GPU / CPU currency conducive to mining, it aims to remain true to the original view of cryptocurrency.

"Centralized extraction has no space in crypto-space and should not be considered the norm or acceptable.Vertcoin is positioned to interrupt this cycle and put power back into the hands of the communities", says their official promotional material. They do not shy away from their ASIS-resistant algorithm (originally Scrypt-N, later changed to Lyra2RE when ASIC Miners' Scriptures appeared) and advertised as "the popular currency".

In line with that marketing, the project has a "people-friendly" mining program called a 1-click miner. The miner can be downloaded from the Vertcoin website and is very simple to set up and use. The coin also has the function of mining-mining enabled, which allows you to simultaneously extract two blockchains. It has a 2.5-minute block creation time, its awards halve every 840 milliseconds and has Segwit active in addition to Alpha integration with the Lightning network.

In a recent development update released by the Vertcoin team, they announced the intention to focus on 3 major projects in the near future. These projects are lit / litbox Verthash and Vertcoin updates of the main portfolio.

Lit is a version supported by Vertcoin of the lightning network, which is trying to create an ecosystem where interoperability with multi-currency cryptocurrency is possible and transactions are instant and free. Litbox is a related project that focuses on the construction of hardware nodes that will be able to run and support the Lit light network.

Verthash is the mining algorithm developed specifically for this cryptocurrency that will not only be resistant to ASIC / FPGA, but also mining rental services like NiceHash. The current test design is an I / O algorithm that will require a complete storage node. The alleged version of this algorithm should come in Q1 2019.

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The update also confirmed an important milestone in the development of the Vertcoin ecosystem: Vertbase a dedicated fiat-to-crypto exchange, was launched in "open" (it is still .) Allows people to exchange their USD, EUR and soon GBP for 4 coins: VTC, BTC, LTC and DGB. From the time of launch, the exchange provides services to all US residents from all states except for the following : AK, CT, HI, IA, ME, NC, NH, NM, NY, RI, VT and WA. The project is already recording its first successful purchases. An interesting thing is the reluctance of Vertbase to accept credit / debit card purchases:

"We chose not to accept credit or debit card purchases at this point. would have been economically beneficial to our users, which is very important for us to provide a cost-effective solution for credit and debit card purchases as soon as possible. "

However, a fiat-to-be exchange crypto will significantly increase the adoption of this currency. With Vertpig, a European-based ftc exchange that allows you to purchase VTC, BTC, LTC, DGB with Euro and soon GBP, liquidity is one of the main words in the vocabulary of each Vertcoin user. Overall, Vertcoin is a strong cryptocurrency that will try to challenge established leaders for its market share. Only time will tell if they end up being successful.

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