Verge (XVG) Latest project development updates


The Verge team (XVG) has continued to climb the ante in terms of constant communication with its fans and compared to the Verge project. The team constantly communicates via Twitter and through the Telegram channel of the project. It is with this last that Ethereum World News has been informed of the latest developments of Verge (XVG).

In an effort to understand current developments, we try to summarize what has been worked out on a similar update again in mid-July. At that time, the team was working on the following:

  1. Design and coding of the latest version of Verge Wallet
  2. Update of Verge Codebase on Bitcoin v.0.13
  3. Exploration of the potential of the RSK intelligent contract platform [19659006] Recent Developments

    Since then, the team has been working on the following aspects of the project:

    The team had asked Verge Family via Twitter, which was the most important goal for Verge from their point of view. 48% of respondents said that the new Codebase with RingCT (Confidential Transactions) was the most important; 34% pointed to an iOS portfolio; 9% pointed to a desktop portfolio; and 9% found that the work on the Android wallet was the most important.

    The Verge team promised to work on goals as outlined by the community.

    • Technical key storage

    The Verge team added that it is working to solve the problem of secure storage of private keys in the latest version of Wallet on iOS and in the desktop version. This is due to the fact that within both portfolios there is an API which further increases the risk of private keys. The team also added that:

    Because of the use of the Insight API in our latest iOS portfolio and in our desktop portfolio, we need to find a way to store our private keys securely.

    We will establish the BIP39 Format, which allows you to retrieve your private keys using a personal combination of words.

    • Wallet developments for desktop and iOS

    As for the desktop portfolio, the team has increased the version of the Electron portfolio to 3.0.0 (beta – 5) which provides a more stable environment while waiting for the release of the final version of the Electron portfolio. The iOS portfolio has received some final touches on the recipient selector and on the sending transaction screen.

    In conclusion the Verge team is constantly working to improve the project and the appreciation of the Verge family. The current market analysis puts XVG at a value of $ 0.0128 and down 3.19% in the last 24 hours, in a relatively weak Monday crypto-market.

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