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The increase in the currency in the last few days is not surprising, as the whole market is affected by a recovery in prices. The currency for privacy has seen its price increase to $ 0.018643 USD, an increase of 31% in the last 24 hours. However, the currency has had a difficult year as the partnership with Mindgeek has been heavily criticized by various sections of the cryptocurrency community and by the platform that has faced several 51% attacks on the mining sector. With the August issues in the cryptocurrency universe and a new wave of earnings here in September, let's look at the blessing of the "alt season" on Verge's currency.

Verge to reach $ 0.1 during the alt-season in Q4? [19659003] "After the summer holidays in July and August, the real work starts in September" – this was the feeling of a Twitter user on the status of cryptocurrencies in the last two months. The world of cryptocurrency saw a strong bullish momentum on the first day of September following the sharp fall in prices recorded in June, July and August.

The "alt season" is here with us in September. This is a period when smaller cryptocurrencies quickly get a price over a period of time. The past 24 hours have seen total market capitalization exceed $ 240 billion, representing a 6% gain that is very positive for the crypto communities.

Increase in the altcoin market

During the Bull Run testified at the end of In 2017 and at the start of this year, smaller altcoins were gaining at a ferocious pace compared to well-established tokens. Verge was one of the coins to join the "alt-season" while the currency hit its all-time high in December at $ 0.30 USD on some exchanges. The currency, however, had difficulty during the year as it suffered a huge drop in prices after the partnership with Pornhub and subsequent 51% attacks on the blockchain.

In previous years [especially during the massive bull run in 2017] the altcoins were the biggest gains and this should mean hope for XVG. As we approach the last quarter of 2018, experts and experts expect to see massive entry into the cryptocurrency market as buyers get rid of the summer mood.

The low price of XVG is a blessing

After the enormous decline in the price of XVG at the beginning of the year, the coin fell into the rankings of market capitalization from 14 th to 40 th within a few days. The currency has since seen an increase in its price as the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bullish reversal.

The low price of XVG offers an economic option for an investor who acquires a certain number of private currencies. If the market starts to show up as we saw in 2017, XVG will benefit as most investors look for a cheaper option to buy. With the price of $ 0.01 USD, it is easier for the coin to get a 100X to $ 1 gain than larger cap coins.

With the Verge Foundation working hard to erase the reputation damage experienced by the FUD spread over XVG, and the ongoing partnerships, the resurgence of the market will prove to be the chemical X to push the price of XVG towards its high price ever.

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