VeChain (VET) works with BIOS for Blockchain-As-A-Service in the Middle East

  • The partnership will help BIOS extend the blockchain services to its existing customers

  • Bios will integrate VeChain's Blockchain-As-A-Service with its Security-As-A-Service solution

  • Dubai is taking the Middle East into a digital revolution

The cloud service provider BIOS Middle East has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Blockchain VeChain platform. The partnership will facilitate the implementation of a Blockchain-As-A-Service and blockchain-enabled cloud service framework.

Despite the Bear Market, VeChain continues to make progress

BIOS Middle East, a leading cloud service provider in Dubai that boasts customers in the fields of Healthcare, Finance, Energy and Petrochemical announced the new partnership through an official Press release December 16, 2018. According to the announcement, VeChain will offer its blockchain services to the BIOS so that it can extend Blockchain-As-A-Service to its existing customers to help them face numerous problems. BIOS Managing Director Middle East Dominic Docherty explained:

"BIOS Middle East will work with VeChain to extend its proven blockchain solutions to be directly accessible to Middle East and African organizations through the CloudHPT platform, which will potentially carry thousands of transactions on a daily basis."

VeChain Blockchain manages a customized platform for companies using the Internet of Things (IoT) that BIOS Middle East will integrate with its existing Security-As-A-Service solution.

The new solution will allow companies to store their data more securely because they will be encrypted in the immutable blockchain register. The best thing about this will be that companies will avoid the manipulation of registries by evil players as well as help them improve their security and improve trust and reliability of data. Commenting on the move, VeChain's CEO, Sunny Lu, commented:

"By leveraging BIOS Middle East's expertise in Cloud Services and System integration, I believe Dominic's team will help accelerate adoption and transactions on the VeChain platform, starting from Dubai, one of the world's blockchain friendly states."

Baptized the "City of the future"Dubai, according to the Minister responsible for Artificial Intelligence, hosts an ambitious plan to implement flying taxis, robotic policemen and autonomous vehicles as well as plan to become the world's first blockchain government. The emirates intend to ensure that all visa applications, bill payments and license renewals for over 100 million documents per year are digitally exchanged via blockchain.

Dubai is bringing the Middle East to a digital revolution and there is a lot of work going on towards the adoption of blockchain technology that is slowly but surely making Middle East a blockchain hub. Dubai is actively implementing blockchain-based solutions in the areas of governance, finance, tourism and their smart city initiative, dubbed Smart Dubai. By choosing BIOS as the entry point into the lucrative Middle East market, VeChain has taken a huge step in the right direction.

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