UPS Studying Utility logistics operator for Litecoin and others 4


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United States Representative Reveals Investments in Litecoin

United States Representative Tulsi Gabbard who represents Hawaii's Second Congressional District said he made an investment in Litecoin and Ethereum in 2017 with both investments under $ 15,000. Gabbard, which has represented the 3rd Hawaiian district since 2013, has made the disclosure through the last financial disclosure form presented yesterday.

Although there are no indications for his choice of Ethereum and Litecoin, both are among the top five coins according to market capitalization and investor interest.

Its disclosure is subsequent to that of another representative Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Ethics Committee who revealed that he owns $ 80,000 worth of cryptographic assets in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum which are top, second and third coins based on market capitalization

UPS Studying Utility logistics operator for Litecoin and 4 others

UPS Delivery Services said to explore methods to use distributed accounting technology to solve some of the complex challenges associated with its services .

The global supply chain company that has been in operation for more than a century has seen potentials in blockchain and are planning to exploit cryptocurrency registers such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin in its bid to simplify complex operations.

Litecoin could be the best investment option among digital currencies [19659003] A report prepared for eToro by the cryptic analyst Matti Greenspan is claiming that Litecoin could be the most underrated currency at the moment. The relationship that called Litecoin the silver if Bitcoin is gold said that Litecoin has similar uses to Bitcoin added that it is closer to "cash" than other assets used as a store of value.

Part of the report said: "Litecoin (LTC) is by far one of the most established networks in cryptographic space, it is already used by many as a deposit of value and means of exchange and therefore can be considered as money" [19659011] LTC Price

LTC / USD Price Table, Monday 20 August:

  UPS Logistics Studying Utility for Litecoin and 4 others - Litecoin News, LTC Price. Monday 20 August

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