Update of the cryptocurrency market: Siacoin is practicing on the ASIC that limits the rigid fork

Markets creep up again; XRP, Nem and Siacoin are doing well.

The cryptographic markets have returned a little bit back from yesterday's dump. They are still stuck at the bottom, like any upward loss after a few days. The market capitalization is still close to $ 220 billion, but the gains are small.

Bitcoin, which was recently labeled "boring", returned at 1.6% of the day to $ 6.580. Talking about a long-term breakout has been fluctuating, but the markets have yet to make a move. Ethereum is also slow with a small gain of 2.5% on the day to be exchanged for $ 225.

Altcoins are mostly in the green during today's Asian trading, recovering yesterday's small losses. Looking at the top ten XRP is leading with a 4% climb to $ 0.541 in the day. The rest is doing between 1 and 2 percent at the moment. Further down the list, Nem tops the top twenty with a 6% rise to $ 0.107. Likewise, only one or two percent is added to the other altcoins.

Today's top-of-the-line pump in the top 100 is Siacoin, which rises by 20%. It is closely followed by Noah Coin, which jumped by 18% on the day. The SC community has rejected the Bitmain and Innosilicon ASICs through a future hard fork that will limit the control of the network by miners. Evidently this is driving the moment when Siacoin rises to $ 0.008 or 121 satoshi. The volume of trade has gone from $ 12 to $ 30 million, 40% of which is on Binance.

At the red end of the table is Eternal Token that discharges 12% of the day and RChain is dropping by 6%. The total capitalization of the crypt increased by almost 2% in the day to $ 219 billion. The movement is still sideways, although the gains are likely to be lost again in a day or two. The markets have not been able to exceed over $ 230 billion for a month now, as the bears are reducing things.

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