Update of the cryptocurrency market: Nano Lifted by New Listing

Markets are still flat on Friday; Monero, Nano, Dogecoin and Waltonchain on the rise

The market correction yesterday has not accelerated, which is good news this Friday in encrypted land. The markets have remained stable but are still below $ 230 billion, many scrambled have not moved in the last 24 hours but a couple of altcoins are taking off again today.

The bitcoin remained below $ 7,000, but only for a short time. It is currently trading at yesterday's level of $ 6.980, although the short-term uptrend is still intact. Ethereum keeps going back, but only one percentage point in the day at $ 280, which is still a very low level for the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

There are only two altcoins in the top ten of the green at the moment. Iota continued its march to the top with a gain of 5.3% in the day to $ 0.722 and EOS is not far behind with a 4% gain to $ 6.16. The rest is only in red with losses between half and two percent.

The first twenty are predominantly green with Monero making the biggest move of 7% up to $ 108. Dash, Neo and VeChain record between 3 and 4 percent gains during the day and the rest rise or fall by very little.

Nano is finishing the week with a 20% pump at $ 3.15. For the past seven days, Nano has gained nearly 50% from $ 2.13 this time last Friday. A lower quotation on Coinbene and the launch of its new Instagram page seem to be a source of momentum

Trade volume rose by 74% to $ 47 million, most of which is on Binance that has over 97% of all nano trade. Dogecoin is experiencing an equally good day, with an increase of 19% after yesterday's gains and Icon has scored 8.6% to the trade at $ 0.903. At the top of the ranking for gains there is Waltonchain which pumps 27% at the moment as it is traded on Bithumb.

Remaining affected are Noah Coin, MOAC and Dentacoin in today's jumble mix.

The total capitalization of the market encryption is practically at the same level as yesterday, $ 226 billion. During the night it fell to a daily minimum of $ 220 billion, but has since recovered all losses. Trading volume remained stable at $ 13 billion a day at the BTC domain at 53.3%.

More information on Nano can be found here: http://nano.org/en

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