Unocoin Exchange Cryptocurrency launches TrueUSD Coin on its Exchange Unodax


• TrueUSD is the first TrustToken asset token, with 1 USD 1 redeemable TUSD
• The decision was made to minimize the circular effect of the RBI between investors and cryptocurrency operators

It was of the circular RBI, where banks were forbidden to extend any form of service to the exchanges of cryptocurrencies, making the rupee to the crypto conversion almost a Kryptonian affair for the Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, Unocoin, therefore, announced the availability of TrueUSD on its Unodax platform.

With this, Unocoin, which recently launched the Unodax platform, intends to provide its users on Unodax with a secure and legal way to invest in digital resources. [19659005] TrueUSD (TUSD) is the first coin built on the TrustToken platform and 1 TUSD can be redeemed for 1 USD. The TUSD currency is listed for trading on global trade such as Unodax and is combined with a few important crypto-assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, KRW and USDT.

Commenting on the availability of TrueUSD, Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-founder and CEO, Unocoin said: "Post the RBI prohibiting bank transfers for encryption and investment, we were looking for plausible solutions to help our users to continue to HODL, without interruptions and problems. " [19659006] "With TrueUSD, we are pleased to present to our users a long-awaited stable trading plan for crypto-asset traders in our Unodax bag.Krypton enthusiasts can use this stable currency as a medium for other crypts. -asset and minimize their risks in a volatile market ", he added.

Post Circular Era RBI

In Circular post-RBI era, while cryptocurrency exchanges have moved to cryptography, some of them together with IAMAI and other cryptocurrency fans have also knocked on the doors of Supreme Court, against the RBI circular dated 6 April.

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