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University in North Carolina issues degrees using Blockchain

(TNS) – Alumni of the University of the East Coast Polytechnic Institute University can now release and file their certificates using the technology associated with cryptocurrency.

ECPI is one of the first in the country to issue securities through the Blockchain technology, which provides immediate and secure verification. And it means that graduates no longer need to contact the registry office to have a verifiable degree sent to a potential employer or for any other purpose.

According to ECPI, Blockchain anchor records represent the most advanced form of digital document security. These digital credentials have the potential to drastically reduce false statements on CVs as employers will be able to immediately demonstrate a person's educational background. It also allows graduates to include secure links to information about their resumes, public portfolios or job applications.

"This is the future of keeping your academic records viable regardless of any issuing entity," says Jeff Arthur, Chief Information Officer of ECPI University. "Preserve evidence and control of your results indefinitely.Employers benefit from a process that allows them to quickly and easily verify educational stories on a resume.The ECPI University is proud to be one of the first to adopt and end the archaic process of requesting a degree or transcription. "

ECPI has offices in North Carolina in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, and South Carolina campuses in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston. David Brandt, director of communications at the university, said that "they get our fair share of students" from Gaston County, even if he was unable to provide an exact number.

The blockchain has been used for Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

According to the ECPI University, technology handles information in small units called "blocks", which are connected via computer codes called cryptography. Each block essentially connects and links information with a timestamp and other transaction data.

The student checks his / her official documents and can publicly share his / her professional titles and / or certificates on social media profiles, or send them privately via e-mail or SMS using the sharing icon in the Blockcerts app. your unique URL.

Next year, the ECPI University plans to use the Blockchain platform to also issue digital transcripts.

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