Unibright: The Bridge to Integrating Blockchain


Blockchain has proven to be a difficult concept for many who are trying to incorporate it into their system. Being the new technology in the city, Blockchain applications are in great demand all over the world. To help companies easily integrate blockchains into their systems, Unibright has created a working framework that is easier to use. Over 20 years of Unibright's experience helped them recognize the problems faced by companies when they adopt technology.

The Unibright framework can be used by anyone, be it technology giants, consulting firms, businesses and blockchains or even small and medium-sized businesses. The platform has linked various institutions through the co-hosting of public events with Microsoft, Zuhlke and Lufthansa. They also collaborated with blockchain protocols such as NEM to help companies easily integrate blockchain.

Implementation of easy blockchain solutions

According to reports, Unibright's infrastructure makes it easier for companies and people without coding experience to integrate the blockchain into their operations at the click of a button. Companies without blockchain skills or its technologies can take advantage of the different benefits of blockchain such as transparency, security and ease of access. With its feature-rich options, Unibright aimed to become the bridge between companies and the blockchain after realizing that companies, despite wanting to use blockchain technology, find it difficult to incorporate them into their operations.

Reports indicate that most companies prefer to use the existing IT system. For many, change is not always easy, especially when new concepts and procedures need to be learned. Creating a framework that makes it easy for people to quickly understand and adapt to new changes helps them adapt to new systems. The Unibright framework is created with this in mind so that it can be adapted by companies without the usual frustrations.

Choice of the correct chain

There are currently several blockchain protocols: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM and more, on which you can choose to base your operations. Without a full understanding of the different features offered by various blockchains, a company might decide to use a blockchain application that does not completely solve their problems. The Unibright framework eliminates the need for coding or skills needed to decide which blockchain to use. Being highly flexible, allows you to customize the system based on both short and long-term needs.

Making the right connections

A bridge is needed to help companies choose the right developer for their system. Normally, getting the right developers can be a big challenge. This is because blockchain experts and developers of smart contracts are expensive and not readily available. Since many developers specialize in a particular protocol, companies need to look for the services of a new developer whenever they wish to adopt a new protocol. The process is tedious and too expensive for any company, which ends up abandoning their blockchain plans instead of shelling out a lot of money. The Unibright framework is that much-needed bridge that fits into the gap and connects companies to the ultimate solution that makes the implementation easy and inexpensive blockchain that provides the right resources, at the right time, for the right cost.

Unibright is preparing to list on QRYPTOS as the first exchange. According to the official announcement, the UBT token of Unibright is going to be listed on August 14 with the prizes for the first purchases.

For the first 100 new QRYPTOS accounts approved by KYC and in possession of at least 100 UBTs, the QASH token worth 10 USD will be granted free in mid-September. This applies to accounts created before September 14th using the link.

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