Two large-scale Blockchain plants opened by the Eixx blockchain in Iceland.


A new division of Etix Group, Etix Blockchain, has announced the opening of two new Blockchain plants in Iceland. The buildings are located near the Icelandic capital Reykjavik (just 10 minutes from the Keflavík International Airport). The other building is located in Blönduós (located in the north of the country). In both locations, the first structures are already operational and further buildups will be completed by the end of the year. As part of its global strategy, Etix Group acquired a majority stake in Borealis Data Center, an Icelandic company specializing in HPC and Blockchain services. The company will be renamed Etix Everywhere Borealis. Etix Blockchain, a new actor in the Blockchain sector.

Following the evolution of the IT industry, Etix Group has decided to launch "Etix Blockchain", a division dedicated to providing colocation services for HPC and Blockchain applications and mining as service capacity. As the banking and financial sector is becoming more and more invested in the Blockchain sector, they are looking for higher level infrastructures, still offering a competitive price. Etix Blockchain benefits directly from the experience developed by Etix Everywhere for the data center industry but also by security products developed by Etix Labs.

To ensure successful implementation in Iceland, the Etix Group acquired 55% of Borealis Data Center, a pioneering company that has been providing HPC and Blockchain services since 2014. With an increase in footprint in the data center, Iceland is becoming a strategic location for IT services. This collaboration will accelerate the expansion plans of Etix Blockchain.

Antoine Gaury has been appointed head of the Exx Blockchain. It will use its market knowledge to expand the company's footprint all over the world.

Iceland, a perfect location for highly efficient facilities

Etix Blockchain will benefit from Borealis' knowledge of the Icelandic market and its experience in operating highly "Efficient Infrastructures since 2014. [19659003] "Iceland is a strategic location for the HPC and Blockchain facilities thanks to its reliable and economical energy and its cool climate. " explained Björn Brynjúlfsson, CEO of Etix Everywhere Borealis. " According to international studies, the country is among the safest data centers on the planet and produces 100% renewable energy. These ideal conditions allow us to offer competitive solutions for the HPC and Blockchain infrastructure. "

The current installation of the structure should be completed by the end of the year, when the two combined campuses will offer a hosting capacity of about 30,000 servers.

Because of the demand from international institutional clients who are making long-term strategic investments in HPC and Blockchain, the two campuses are already sold out

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