Two Chinese companies to create Blockchain for tracking shipments


The Yuanben and Maritime Silk Road platform will use the blockchain to label loads and routes to simplify maritime logistics.


The Chinese companies – Yuanben and Maritime Silk Road Platform have announced that they have signed an agreement to build a blockchain platform for shipping.

Blockchain technology, as for the announcement will be used to provide distribution of nodes, digital content deposit certificates and a load tracking search interface.

"This cooperation is a successful example of the combination of emerging blockchain technology and traditional information management system technology," said Cai Kunying, head of the Maritime Silk Road Platform. "Yuanben's blockchain technology will protect the global transport of the Silk Road."

The project foresees the use of Yuanben DNA blockchain technology that will be applied to each batch of goods and the logistics trajectory, making the tracking of goods and management safer and more efficient: it will provide real time tracking and will use the immutability of blockchain technology

"By building nodes around the world, the Yuanben project has become a highly scalable chain of trusted alliances," the official "The use of smart contracts and encrypted algorithms allows for a & # 39; sustainable interaction of data within the chain, including the security of data transmission. "

Fan Xi, head of blockchain company Yuanben, said that the use of blockchain shipping technology is among the innovations in the blockchain application.

Maritime Silk Road is a subordinate company to the Zhuozhi Logistics Group. The public reservation platform providing global routes and logistics networks in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Xiamen, Qingdao and Tianjin.

Yuanben has developed a network of underlying data that provides complete closed-circuit solutions for reliable and traceable safety. Its technology is also used for copyright protection.

The recent global shipping giant Maersk collaborated with IBM on creating a similar blockchain shipping system.

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