Twins to introduce Litecoin support, LTC Surges


Gemini introduces LTC support On October 13, 2018

In a recent interview with the "Fast Money" segment of CNBC, Charlie Lee, a well-known cryptocurrency personality and founder of the Litecoin project, discussed the summit of San Francisco Litecoin, which was imminent at the time of its appearance live.

Brian Kelly, CNBC cryptocurrency expert, asked Lee what the participants want 39; event remove from the summit. The founder of Litecoin, who obviously plays a key role in the event, responded by explaining:

"I would like people to focus on technology, adoption, and adoption by traders and Also on how to scale up So things like the Lightning network, the sidechain and things that could help Bitcoin and Litecoin climb … And I think with the currently depressed price, it's a good time for people to sit down and have their heads down and actually working to get things done. "

And now that the event has passed, it's time to look back to see what happened, what was developed and what was revealed.

As from an official tweet of Gemini, a New York startup led by its sister, Winklevoss, crypto-friendly, its exchange platform will add LTC support within a month (October 2018), which is only the development of which it alluded Lee in the aforementioned statement.

This news was released on stage on Friday from the event focused on Litecoin by Eric Winer, vice-president of the exchange, who stated: "We are working to add Litecoin … we are pleased to announce that Gemini will launch Litecoin's support starting from 13 October 2018!"

It is interesting to note, for a tweet of the Litecoin Foundation, which it was the group that presented the event, the revealed date for the LTC integration is also Litecoin's seventh birthday. So some say that the chosen date was obviously intentional, in a good way.

While the chronology was previously unknown, many saw this integration as a long-standing coming, due to the fact that the exchange supported by Winklevoss had regulatory approval by the New York Department of Financial Services to list Bitcoin Cash ( BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and, in particular, ZCash (ZEC) in May, as reported by Ethereum World News.

As discussed in a previous report The Ethereum World News report, it became clear that Gemini died in the expansion of its product line, since it was just revealed that the Gemini Trust will launch a stablecoin named after its popular exchange.

From this announcement, Litecoin worked pretty well, going from $ 53 to $ 58 in a matter of hours. At the time of writing, LTC is worth $ 57.15 a piece and increases by 0.97% on the day.

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