TRX requires 10% as the best game of Ethereum Passa a Tron


The depths of a bear market have not calmed the appetite for the blockchain game as the nascent industry has made great strides. Ethereum was once the only platform for gaming applications, but Tron is rapidly catching up.

EtherGoo heads on Tron

Since the CryptoKitties craze replaced Ethereum's blockchain at the beginning of December 2017, there have been a handful of new cryptography-based games in an ever-expanding network. The enigma of the scalability of Ethereum was highlighted when the network slowed down at a snail's pace and new platforms like Tron emerged to solve this problem.

According to a post today, one of the best gaming apps on Ethereum has switched to Tron. EtherGoo was the first inactive competitive game that used blockchain and dropped those digital slogans as the best game dApp in terms of daily active users and transaction volume shortly after launch.

The article explains that the Tron Shrimp team, previously a veteran of the ETH development scenario, has released the dApp, now called TronGoo, on the Tron network;

"The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms, and we are confident that working together will allow our technologies and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption." EtherGoo and TRON Shrimp developers have produced DApps hits multiple blockchains and we hope their creations will bring joy to the TRON community. "

The game itself is rather rudimentary as in the case of most blockchain games, players collect Goo to earn TRX (formerly ETH). According to Dappradar, the top ETH game at the moment is My Crypto Heroes with 2,400 daily users while the Tron Network has something called Fishing Master Studio that has 3,300 users a day. Gambling games are by far the most popular however, and Tron has already passed Ethereum for dApp transaction volumes.

TRX Price Reaction

TRX is currently one of the most performing token at the time of writing with a jump of 11.5% in the day from $ 0.0200 to $ 0.0223. Daily volume rose from $ 110 million to over $ 180 million, with Bit-Z and Binance making it the lion's share. In the last week TRX gained 9% and from the same month last month it gained almost 55%.

Game defection is perhaps driving part of the moment, but it will also come from including BitTorrent Tron token with BitTorrent technology on Binance's LaunchPad. Analysts predict that TRX could easily reach $ 0.040 if the current bullish trend continues and the team continues to develop and expand.

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