TRX daily transactions over 1 million since the launch of Mainnet, becomes part of the Huoxin community

TRON-release-Its-weekly-report-daily-Transactions-Exceed-1-million-within-131-day-after-Joining-Community Huoxin

TRON releases its weekly report: daily transactions exceed 1 million within 131 days of joining the Huoxin community

In the week from November 3rd to November 9th, the Tron Foundation published its weekly report. The weekly report contains information that has occurred throughout the specified time within the Tron Community. Within 131 days, the daily number of transactions for the blockchain protocol led by Justin Sun was more than 1 million. The Dapp group has been busy and some of the Dapp have been made and are now being tested.

Technical development

Work completed:

• Development of the receipt of the tree transaction

• Adding the deduction energy limit

• Finally, the UpdateOriginEnergylimit interface has also been added

Work in progress:

• The documentation plan of the priority of the transaction to be completed

• Limitation of the energy test

• Development of anonymous transactions

Market transactions

Soon the Bestex trading platform will be Tron and will offer a pair of TRX / USDT trading. Based on the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), Bestex was found in December 2017 and is a globally professional service provider for the supply of digital asset trading.

TRX is listed on the Russian digital asset exchange platform, which is BITEXBOOK which offers TRX traders robust demand services. This will help reduce the assignment of Tronics for cryptocurrency management, thus improving the transparency and reliability of management resources.

TRX is currently listed on the IndaCoin platform which is used to detect and prevent bank card fraud during the acquisition of digital currency.

Partner and team

The Crypto Chain SR (Super Representative) proposal has already been voted and approved by 2/3 of SRS and beyond. By November 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm all votes and GRs received had already been removed and since then, the entire community of autonomy had been officially entered by the Tron network.

The Tron foundation led token migration and major net updates in its global community. Almost 100 exchanges and portfolios like; Binance, Cobo Wallet, OKEx, Cryptopia, Huobipro and many others have completed the token migration and restored the deposit and withdrawal services. Furthermore, Tron Foundation will recover ERC20 tokens.

Tron was elected SR (Super Representative) with 145,046,448 votes in total. For Tron users, the safest Tron Portfolio is the P2P Encrypted Portfolio and can be used to make, receive payments, send and receive tokens.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) of the United Nations, former president, has interacted on Twitter with Tron's founder Justin Sun, for which he said he was happy to meet Justin and to anticipate future cooperation.

The third phase of the Tronics support plan was successfully completed and since then Tronics has been providing support to the Ton Foundation around the world. Now the Foundation will return 87543577.21 TRX which are our supporters in 498/935 ° currently blocked 1000 addresses.

An article entitled "Justin Sun" was published by the Arab Media Agency Eumlat, which are well recognized. This agency aims to help the community better understand cryptocurrency and increase the cryptocurrency content of the new field in the Arab world.

An article titled "Tron bet gave more than 1 billion TRX awards in 17 days" was published by a Russian Blockchain media platform, Bit magazine, which was well known. Bit journal is an online journal covering news on blockchain, cryptocurrency, mining industry and Russian.

The partnership between Tron and Neoworld revolves around these areas: exclusive planning of the Neoworld islands, strengthening of cooperation within the community ecosystem, entry into Neoworld and many others.

Tron DappReview worked on the basis of which the various DAPPs were developed on the Tron network and can be found in the DappReview discovery section. Users can now visit the official DappReview website by visiting the Tron section and then the DAPP.

Tron's main network is now supported by Scatter Desktop, whereby users can import their TRX Wallet and use the scatter to access and trade with Tron's DAPPs.

An article was published by Japanese media agency Coin Tokyo, which was well known. This media aims to provide up-to-date information with maximum speed on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Community developer

Chrome Extension Wallet Tron Pay has been officially launched. Therefore, users can now download Tron Pay from the Google Store. Tron Pay is developed by the DApp Play team and supports the functionality of DApp calls and wallets.

We have already begun to expand the bandwidth, the energy calculators and also the tool for managing the Tron-CLI nodes and another 10 thousand have been assigned to 1 suitable report.

Berkeley (UCB) has successfully completed the development of Tron DApp with many developers who also participated in the 5th edition of Cal Hacks at the University of California. The 3 winning teams have been awarded by Tron. servers are available in Singapore and Frankfurt.

Over the past 30 days, the developer documentation has been visited by more than 12,000 people and we have also added the quick Tron link Documentation to Docker.

Https:// is the new status page of Tron Grid that has been launched.

Community DAPP

Work completed:

• The transaction speed query of a single-address page has been improved.

• The blacklist of the Tron scan ICO backstage was launched.

• The query on the activation speed of the smart contract was also improved.

Work in progress:

• The development of Bancor DEX for the Tron scan has been completed, and is now in the test.

• The development of DappHouse V1.1 is also completed, and is also in the test.

• Finally, the basic functionality of Android Wallet developed by itself is completed and also tested.

Global community

In just two weeks, the activated contracts were more than 12 million times because the Tron had improved the functionality of the smart contract. By the end of the 2018 year, Tron tends to reach 50 million triggers.

C & # 39 was an introduction to the 14th lesson on Tron 101 because of the many questions they receive from community members asking for information on blockchain, projects and even digital resources.

Within 131 days, the number of Tron's daily transactions exceeded 1 million.

5 Tronics were awarded 6666 TRX during the Halloween campaign TRICKORTRX which was held by the national team of Canada (CN).

The Tron team of the United Nations (USA) was present at the web summit and, listening to the thoughts on future technologies, was very pleased. Everyone is invited to visit the summit and meet the Tron team with whom they will talk about blockchain technology with them.

Tron joined extra members of the community and also expanded his community ecosystem by joining the Huoxin Community.

It is in San Francisco, Tron's headquarters, where Justin Sun (the founder of Tron) met Super Representative Crypto Diva and spoke about community cooperation.

Tron also participated in the Malta Blockchain Summit last week, where they examined Blockchain's views of blockchain KOLs.

Between 12 and 18 November, Tron Week Campaign will be organized by Proud and Crypto to allow all Tronics around the world to obtain the current Tron Merchandise at, which is the its official website and then you can enter # TRONWEEK # which is discount code and get 15% off.

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