TrueUSD [TUSD] couples with Tron [TRX], Cardano [ADA] on Binance


Binance, the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies in the world, has added two new pairs of stable currencies, TrueUSD [TUSD], which is in sixth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. In his official announcement, Binance also warned investors of the risk that is present in the cryptocurrency market in which he wrote:

"Risk warning: investments in cryptocurrency are subject to high market risk.Please make your investments with caution.Binance will make the best effort to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for investment losses."

Tron and Cardano, the couples just added to the TUSD have had their struggles one against the other while they compete for the tenth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. About two weeks ago, TRX passed the ADA to claim its position in the top 10 coins.

There is a difference of just one million dollars in the market capitalization of both currencies, since Tron's market capitalization is calculated at $ 9.6 million, while Cardan's market capitalization is currently $ 8 million. , 7 million. The 24-hour trade volume of both currencies differs approximately $ 5 million in which Tron has more trading volume than ADA.

On news related to Binance, recently emerged the news that it is one of the few exchanges of cryptocurrency, in addition to Bitfinex that does not falsify its volume of trade in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the report published by Blockchain Transparency revealed that most of the top-25 cryptocurrency exchanges show false trading volumes on their charts.

CoinMarketCap [CMC], which remains one of the most popular collectors of crypto-data in the blockchain space has met many accusations of showing manipulated figures. The report marked this feature of the online portal and confirmed the claims made earlier regarding price manipulation and false CMC figures.

Xrp33AG66global, a Twitter user commented:

"Xrp which is bigger in the market, popularity and soon will be 1, does not earn a couple, does not make sense?"

TSejdiu, another Twitter user said:

"Are there any other coins that come with usdt and bnb maybe bitcoin diamond and monero salt?"

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