Tron's daily transactions (TRX) have increased by 58% in October, will Nov be the same?



The Tron era (TRX) in the same way as value-added cryptocurrencies makes it easy for settlements with no boundaries of funds and value. However, as more advanced digital resources are created, we see an increase in the use of smart-contract, Dapps, etc., which allows platforms to manage the high volume of transactions.

In October, Tron successfully passed the daily transactions of Ethreum and the monthly transaction growth was 58%, while Ethereum only improved by 3% for daily transactions. It is an important result for cryptocurrency since its Mainnet was launched a few months ago. The TRX colony tweeted yesterday,

It is essential to note that the launch of the Dapp on its network are the main reasons why Tron's daily transactions have reached the level they are today. Subsequently, the recent increase in Tron's average daily transactions was attributed to Tronbet and to the numerous partnerships of the blockchain company – which collaborated with Baidu not so long ago.

In the middle of this month, the Tron Foundation had tweeted,

Since Tronbet was launched, it has attracted more people and made Tron execute more than 500,000 transactions in a single day. Three days after launch, it exceeded the average number of Ethereum transactions.

Generally, the increase in the number of average transactions shows success on any blockchain network. The greater the number of transactions, the better the assumption is that the platform will progress. With this in mind, if a blockchain network starts to show downtime due to the greater number of transactions it has, then it shows that the blockchain is inept.

Before now, other blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced much criticism due to the lack of capacity to process more transactions. Yes, even if BTC and ETH are developing other schemes to save their network and services, investors are looking for more scalable models of blockchain networks and Tron seems to be a part of these models.

The average number of Tron transactions in October was 75% higher than that of Ethereum and can handle more than 2000 transactions per second. The ability to process a huge number of transactions per second makes Tron a favorite for Dapps developers around the world.

Tron has more Dapps coming up

More Dapps are coming to the Tron network as it is part of its goal to have a decentralized internet connection. Tron has seen the Dapps movement from Ethereum to its blockchain system, due to the respectable scalability.

Not long ago, the first game on its network that was launched on its network reached 300 million TRX payments. In addition, a gaming platform called Bitguild has declared that its latest game will be created very soon in the Tron network.

However, if Tron continues to increase the average number of transactions on his network, we may see a repetition of the result in November.

TRX Market At The Moment

At the time of writing, the TRX price is $ 0.02294 with a market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion. The cryptocurrency appears green with a moderate increase of 2.24% in the last 24 hours.

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