Tron [TRX] Up 11% After the promising announcements of Justin Sun


Tron (TRX) remained one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the top 15 of the global market during the week, surpassed only by IOTA and EOS.

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Justin Sun: Founder of Tron (TRX)

Over the past 15 days, it has experienced a sustained growth rate of over 10%, with no sign of reversal in the MACD.

However, beyond technical analysis, it is important to note that the popular cryptocurrency has deserved this increase. The founder of this promising blockchain, Justin Sun, has been actively working on the development of its crypt, generating very positive expectations among investors and fans all over the world.

In recent days, some of Mr. Justin Sun's most significant announcements were:


While Justin Sun had tweeted at the start of this year he would work with SesameSeed to develop Seedit, it was Saturday, August 18th that the official platform tweeter confirmed the information. [19659009] Discover how to use #Seedit on #Twitter

The payment system #crypto fast and easy to use #TRON Network.

Further information $TRX #Blockchain #cryptocurrency

– Seedit (@GoSeedit) 18 August 2018

Seedit is a payment platform p2p t hat allows to send tokens to content creators on traditional social networks. This announcement provided a positive image for Tron in the community after a bearish trend, as it showed that it was possible to implement a practical case of using this blockchain in the near future.

The project is still under development, but the confirmation from both sides has generated very high expectations stimulating the trade of this token.


TronChat is another development that has thrilled the community because it makes it possible not only to expose the audience to the use of the Tron network but also to be a decentralized alternative to other recognized stability options (and power in the business world) like Facebook and Telegram.

The announcement of TronChat commercializes the platform as a new app that counts the best of Instagram, Venmo and Telegram. This tweet had more than 1.1k of like on Twitter and generated very positive comments in the community:

List Exchange and Token Burning

The announcement to be listed in an exchange always generates positive expectations for an encryption as it increases the number of traders who have immediate opportunities to do business with it.

TRON added to his list of successes the confidence that Kryptono has placed in it. Exchange has enabled TRX / BTC and TRX / ETH pairs

However, only three days later, Mr. Sun announced that TRX would also be available on KuCoin, a much bigger and more famous exchange, which further increased the enthusiasm of the community that continually appreciates Mr. Sun's entrepreneurial skills and his hard work to promote not only Tron's blockchain but also his TRX Tokens.

The same day, Mr. Sun has announced that it had burned over 670 million TRX ERC20 tokens, which marked a decisive step in the complete transition to an independent blockchain after being a project running on the Ethereum network.

At the time of writing this article, TRON (TRX) is quoted at about 0.026 USD, with upward trend of the MACD and RSI showing a clear oversold token in 4-hour candles.

Chart: Tradingview

Heikin Ashi Candles for 1 day show a positive upward trend confirmed by the MACD and slightly stable RS on the average line

Chart: Tradingview
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