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The TRON (TRX) developer team is full of surprises and the newly announced TRONWEB is one of the many surprises of the cryptocurrency industry and the currency community will be proud of today and going into the future. This is a milestone and the JavaScript-based API will link users' projects to the TRON network.

With the increase in ecosystem development tools, a new era will open which will make the platform bigger and better. Breaking the good news, the TRON Foundation, through their verified account, just tweeted a few moments ago saying:

"Today we are releasing TRONWEB, a front-end JavaScript API that links your project to the #TRON blockchain, equivalent to Ethereum Web3.js. For more information, visit our GitHub link: … $ TRX. "

2:46 – 19 Sep 2018

TRON Decentralized Internet Dream Coming True

One of TRON's main goals is to create a decentralized Internet and the entry of TRONWEB is a major step forward in the industry. This will also increase its popularity as the API is an improvement of Web3.js. of Ethereum. According to the TRON GitHub page, the team will use a private network for testing purposes and adds that:

"TRONWEB aims to offer a unified and transparent development experience influenced by Ethereum's Web3 implementation. the core of Web3 and expanded on it to unlock the functionality of the unique features of TRON together with the offer of new tools for the integration of dApp in the browser, Node.js and IoT devices. "

The introduction of TRONWEB comes at a time when platform throughput has been improved and this will give it an edge in supporting multiple applications without slowing down the speed of system transactions. This was a huge problem for Ethereum, so the need for an improved Web3.

TRON TRIN and BNB pairs introduced on the Binance Exchange

In other related news, Tron's native TRX currency has been matched to the Binance exchange with BNB currency. This is another stimulus for TRX visibility and trading options alongside other pairings. By making the announcement on Twitter, the crypt exchange platform said:

#Binance adds TRX / BNB Trading Pairhttps: //

– Binance (@ binance) September 19, 2018

The TRX / BNB parsing will go very far, since the former has a global appeal and its functional capabilities have been demonstrated. The presence of TRON in the market is undoubtedly recognized by high profile adopters and this will result in further absorption and growth of the valley.

In addition; The TRON speed is superb and the system is safe and highly reliable. With the introduction of TRONWEB and BitTorrent recently acquired, the sky is the limit for the platform and Internet users have a transparent attire that is not censored by a central authority that is a boost to their experience user.

Market State TRON (TRX)

With the increase in take-up, the TRX price has remained relatively stable and any lowering is associated with market trends. However, the good news has seen the green trade in the last 24 hours and at the time of reporting the price of the coins stood at $ 0.019695 after the marginal gains of 5.91% on the dollar and 4.88% on the bitcoins.

Growth is expected to increase tremendously when Justin Sun's outfit turns to the gaming industry to build its own TRON applications. The game is the next frontier and blockchain offers better prospects and this is what the team is working on and requires the go-go of the game to get on board

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