Tron (TRX) shares the Exchange aggregator Cryptocurrency

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<h2>  Crypto Exchange Aggregator Lists Tron (TRX) </h2>
<p> has just announced that the TRX is going </p>
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📢 @Bestrateorg is an aggregator of #cryptocurrency exchanges that offers the best exchange rates for its users. Users can buy cryptocurrency using other cryptocurrency or money of Fiat, at a low rate with a minimum commission. #TRON #TRX $ TRX @justinsuntron

– TRON Foundation (@Tronfoundation) August 17, 2018

BestRate is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that provides the best cryptographic rates to the market and their bot is integrated into the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Changelly, ShapeShift, Evercoin, Bittrex, Poloniex and others .. In milliseconds, the robot m bids and sends requests to the platforms, then selects and suggests the best available rate that appears on the home page.

The company monetises its services through its ICO payment instrument. The ICO payment tool is represented as a widget. The widget allows companies that manage ICO to accept over 80 cryptocurrencies and Fiat money in the form of payment / investment and helps to effectively distribute tokens to the users involved.

The addition of Tron is an interesting development of BestRate because at the beginning of the year, BestRate was skeptical of Tron. They published an article in Medium which concluded by saying, "Anyone who tells you that Tron is a scam obviously has a hidden agenda and so are those who are ready to defend them." Do not blindly follow any of them and do your research before buying digital currency on encryption exchange platform. "

However, the public image of Tron has changed a lot since then, mainly thanks to Justin Sun's leadership.

How BestRate works .org?

The platform helps to align buyers with sellers (and vice versa) in a decentralized way. The cryptocurrency exchange process takes place directly between buyers and sellers, without any direct involvement by BestRate.

  • Choose coins: enter the currency and the amount you wish to exchange, for example, you want to exchange Ethereum (ETH) with Monero (XMR). Find the best rate for you from all available cryptographic exchanges.
  • Choose service provider: Choose the best rate from the list of cryptographic exchanges. The rate you get is the same that you use directly the service provider. However, with our help you get the best rate, more confidence and security.
  • Send your coins: you can send your participations directly to the service provider through our interface. Follow our process to convert blockchain tokens that you would like to exchange. Your coins go directly from your wallet to the wallet of the exchange crypt.
  • Get Amount: Get the correct amount to your wallet, check the status of the transaction in your closet or email. Your coins pass directly from the Crypto exchange wallet to your wallet.

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