Tron [TRX] passes from PoS to DPoS; reasons explained


On 11 August Tron [TRX] on their official Twitter tweeted a post mentioning the difference between Proof of Stake [PoS] and Delegated Proof of Stake [DPoS].

  Tweet of the Tron Foundation | Source: Twitter

Tweet of the Tron Foundation | Source: Twitter

The Proof of Stake protocol is where miners put some of their coins on a particular block to verify a transaction. The block then chooses them on the basis of an algorithm of how long or how many coins the miner possesses. Once chosen, the miner checks the transaction. The odds that a miner is chosen directly depends on the number of coins he is staking. The Proof of Stake protocol had a significant advantage over Proof of Work in terms of lower power consumption and less effort on systems and a faster transaction per second [TPS].

The Delofated Proof of Stake is an efficient version of the PoS protocol. The use of an ongoing voting system and a reputation system to reach a consensus. Community members vote for their super representatives who then validate the transactions to get a reward.

A Twitter user with the name abdocrypto replied to this post saying:

"I think the POS is better because it's more decentralized, the concept of super representative is a kind of centralization"

Another Twitterati replies to the post:

"It's actually DPoS"

A Twittered named BalooMekala replied by saying:

"Obviously DPOS There's no need for technical knowledge You guys tweet the difference only of you heard you are better "

On June 1, Justin Sun, Tron's founder and CEO, tweeted saying that Tron has adopted DPoS.

  Tweet by Justin Sun | Source: Twitter

Justin Sun's Tweet | Source: Twitter

The reasons why Tron moves from PoS to DPoS are many:

  • Firstly, in a DPoS consensus system, community members hold more power or rights in the network
  • communities will be autonomous -government of the network
  • Less opportunities for fraudulent activity because the member can monitor every transaction in progress, unlike the PoS protocol, in which a threat is discovered only after it has been carried out
  • Costs and efficiency reduced in terms of electricity consumption
  • Safer validation since the delegate is elected on the basis of a democratic system of consent
  • Investors can decide who becomes a super representative through democratic elections

A twittered commented the announcement of the Tron switch saying:

"It does not seem very democratic to me It seems that the more you are rich the more control you have on elections. "

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