Tron (TRX) Network launches its first Crypto game


The moment when many TRON (TRX) enthusiasts have been waiting for has finally arrived. A new announcement by TRON's creator, Justin Sun, says the world's first inactive blockchain game will be launched on the TRON network.

Magic Academy – The first game based on Tron in the world

The game is called Magic Academy and is the product of BitGuild. This is the company that aims to redefine the way players interact with their games, other players and game developers. During this game, players will be free to sell, buy or trade any game object they desire.

This move represents the first step of TRON and BitGuild on the road to the global gaming industry revolution. Thanks to blockchain technology, BitGuild aims to introduce a platform for a new class of games. Players will now have real ownership of various gambling assets, which they can trade economically and safely.

The BitGuild team is made up of veterans from the gaming industry. These professionals come from all corners of the world, united in their desire to change the way games work.

How will the game be?

Magic Academy will allow players to buy wizards, as well as different items used to update them. According to the team,

"By purchasing wizards and updating items, you can update your currency in this magical world: your Jade production."

All Jade players will own are TRX20 tokens, which can be extracted continuously.

After purchasing warriors and gaining power in battle, players will be able to purchase different items that will increase battle power. Once their characters are strong enough, players can attack other players and steal their Jade escort. The production of Jade will increase with the purchase of wizards and the updating of the articles. In other words, the more objects the player owns, the higher his Jade production speed will be.

In addition to the production of the TRX20 token, Magic Academy will also allow players to receive rare prizes in the form of objects. These articles will be unique as they are based on the TRC721 standard. By earning these items, players will increase their battle power, as well as the speed of Jade production. All items, including prizes, can be freely exchanged between players. Tron has just entered the realm of blockchain games and others will probably follow.

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