Tron (TRX) may soon become the Google of the blockchain, that's why



Tron has almost a year, and so far the project has achieved a lot in the cryptographic sphere. When it comes to transaction speed, it has surpassed cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin because of the innovative team that supported it. Its CEO, Justin Sun, was ambitious in his goal of making sure that Tron (TRX) is one of the most quoted cryptocurrencies in the world.

At the time of writing, TRX is priced at $ 0.020 after an increase in value of 13.9% in the last 24 hours following inclusion in the BITBOX list. In its quest to become a global currency, the Tron Foundation recently announced that it has obtained its own domain name

We know the essence of a domain name for a company or a brand, and this is a result meaning for Tron. Tron plans to enable its site in a search engine that will provide services for other new plants in the world of cryptographic domains.

The domain purchased by Tron will also provide many other services such as information search, project evaluation, analysis and more. In addition, the domain's website would provide many valuable information that would be useful for people preparing to change the world of cryptocurrency.

Tron Live stated:

" We can really see Justin and his team's determination to build a solid TRON platform in the blockchain field.We believe with the integration of TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) and BitTorrent will bring TRON further into the blockchain world.The future is really exciting for TRON . "

The blockchain era is increasing day by day, but during its inception, the industry itself has had problems with the acquisition and distribution of information. Obsolete search engines do not really show the aggregated information needed due to the fact that traditional Internet is centralized: important information tends to disappear or hide. In addition, the industry previously had difficulty obtaining their information for the public.

However, with the acquisition of, the Tron Foundation has shown that it is ready to eliminate the hitches that are facing the blockchain industry, thus making it a "decentralized Internet" to serve all the projects. It is important to know that the Tron Foundation does not intend to profit from this result. Justin Sun said,

" The success of the project should not be measured by its profit or its user base … What really matters is that if an effort is made to bring improvements to the whole industry . "

At the moment, there is no content on the website for now as it is in its early stages, all you would see is this:" Blockchain World + Big Data Platform search engine. " Over time, the site will offer a lot to the blockchain world. That's for sure.

A domain name is of vital importance to any brand. We can see that with Monaco (a company that aims to develop debt-ridden cryptographic debit cards), it acquired the domain name last month. Although the cryptographic company did not disclose the purchase price, but a domain like could be at least $ 10 million.

With this, anyone can see how important a domain name is, and for Tron (TRX), this will ensure its goal of creating a highly decentralized Internet for the world to become a reality faster than many may think. The "blockchain " is the main word that we all use for the industry, and with this keyword under their wings, the Tron team seems capable enough to bring the touch and become Google's blockchain industry in reality. Let's see how things evolve here.

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