Tron (TRX) joins forces with the first JOYSO decentralized hybrid exchange



The first decentralized hybrid exchange in the world JOYSO has now incorporated the Tron network leading to a decentralized blockchain setting that is more maintainable.

Undoubtedly, it is good news regarding the world of digital money. Tron will work with JOYSON to create a more manageable decentralized hybrid exchange on the market.

JOYSO was ranked eleventh in the development of the decentralized hybrid exchange, so there is great hope for Tron (TRX). The news brings some anticipation for Tron users as it has recently been seen to fall regularly in its price index in 2018.

The collaboration will create a set-up for all decentralized applications also known as (dApps) on the Tron platform to increase the sustainability of blockchain in the market.

JOYSO was founded by Tom Soong which is a decentralized hybrid exchange system for digital money with the advantage of reducing the risk involved in system hacking.

The system also offers the most convenient platform for its users. The platform was launched recently in May 2018. To allow anyone to understand how it works, JOYSO grants Chain payments and off Chain matching for commercial exchanges at the click of a hand.

In addition to maintaining the decentralized trading platform, it also has an advantage in implementing the technology improvement in blockchain engineering to meet customers' expectations and therefore a more effective and efficient system.

This is due to the realization of an adequate architecture that significantly reduces the tax on the gas in the exchange process. Moreover, in addition to enabling the free list of all ERC20 tokens, it is also safer and allows users to have their accounts without registration by providing anonymity while allowing them to operate on the market. These benefits of the new Tron partner, in turn, offer users a 50% discount on processing fees and value creation in the digital currency environment.

Previously on JOYSON has been implemented and implemented the long-awaited NAS-JOYSON which is a decentralized exchange platform on the Nebulus chain. With the recent partnership with Tron (TRX), JOYSON will implement the chain chain matching and payment system in which system users will have the opportunity to exchange tokens directly using their digital portfolios.

On the other hand, the Tron blockchain system has provided its users with the perfect platform for token issuers that create customer accessibility and user-friendly operations. This implementation, in turn, will attract more users to the Tron market and improve its decline adrift in symbolic demand. JASON CTO Will Hsieh He says,

"With all the technological capabilities and the name known to be the best in this industry, JOYSON can provide a simple, secure and efficient solution for the trade of crypto on a variety of blockchains thus creating a more manageable infrastructure"

Moreover, just yesterday, Tron elected another Super Representative after more than 90 million votes in favor of the new SR. Cryptocurrency has also been discussed more than anyone else on social media, even in Bitcoin.

With many significant developments in the market, we still have to see Tron rejoice at the hard work of its members to ensure that the partnership takes place and is implemented. This significant move could significantly increase the value of the Tron token ecosystem, even if, together with other cryptocurrencies, TRX has a known pattern of falling prices from the start of the year.

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