Tron TRX is growing particularly in the South Asian markets, in Japan


Justin Sun continues to accumulate positive news for Tron TRX. On October 29, 2018 the Tron Foundation published its weekly report, summarizing the weekly results from 20 to 26 October.

According to the report, Tron is working hard to expand his platform. The focus is now on Asian markets, which are expected to strengthen in the coming months.

CZ to TRON: "The good thing happens to people who want to do good"

The $ 3 million donation to Binance's Blockancein Charity Foundation was a strategic move that not only attested to the Foundation's social commitment, but also allowed it to gain substantial exposure all over the world.

The interest of Japan for TRX continues to grow

TRON also commented that the Asian community has shown a growing interest in this cryptocurrency. They announced the release of the fourth episode of a series of videos aimed at promoting currency in the Japanese market:

"The fourth installment of the series of introductory videos for the Japanese community was published.The series aims to present TRON to the Japanese community in detail through interviews between the TRON mascot and the host, showing the development of TRON to members of the community vividly ".

They also noted that they had allied with the Chinese company According to the report, both companies have organized a "big gift" for the entire community.

The developers also have reasons to talk about TRON

The development of the TRON TRX blockchain has also increased considerably. According to the report, 350 developers joined the official TRON Discord, 33 completed the upgrade to version 3.1.2 and dApps as Last Trip, TronDice and TronBet were successfully distributed on the blockchain.

It is also important to note that Justin Sun announced that a few hours ago, TRON had collaborated with JOYSO to build a "decentralized sustainable blockchain environment".

Joyso is a "decentralized hybrid exchange" founded by Tom Soong in mid-2018. With this partnership, users will get a 50% discount on processing costs, stimulating their mobility. Moreover, thanks to this decision, JOYSON will implement an "off-chain matching and chain payment in which system users will have the opportunity to exchange tokens directly using their digital portfolios" according to the global coin report.

New Super Representative

In addition to all this, Tron announced the election of Tron Society as Super Representative, after recording more than 90 million votes. The Tron Society team rejoiced after the announcement of the news.

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