Tron (TRX) is about to exit. Do not sell it again (for nothing)!



The Tron & # 39; s Tronix price has been stalled lately despite all the fantastic developments and milestones that the Tron project has achieved in the last two months. But this is mainly due to the enormous influence Bitcoin has on the cryptosphere and that it has worked poorly lately. The entire market has been under the bear's embrace for a while now (except for the last couple of days), and has nothing to do with Tron (TRX ).

As the market has turned green in the last two days, many speculators have decided to sell Tron (TRX) because they think it's the best time they can save themselves from losing their money (those who think they have chosen a wrong coin). The current situation is an excellent opportunity for those who do not own any TRX to get some, and those who already own some Tronix coins should keep them. Yes, do not sell because it's just the beginning and Tron is going to explode and I'll explain why.

Let's start with the simplest reason: the mechanics of the market. During the last bullish run on the market, Tron reached a record high of 0.23 USD. It is now 0.02 USD which is almost 15% of its maximum value. This alone is enough to suspect that, in the next uptrend, TRX has plenty of room to recover, and probably will not recover but will exceed the limit of 0.23.

Please also note that the peak occurred at a time when the Tron project was not even five months old and was doing a lot more marketing than development. But now the tables are turned. Which brings us to the next reason. Well, many reasons, but they all have to do with a basic cause of development.

At this point, Tron is a much more solid project than it was months ago. Some important partnerships have been secured (one of these has only recently occurred, with Line); has become 100% independent of the Ethereum platform and the ERC20 token, its new virtual machine is already live and, more surprisingly, has bought BitTorrent, no less.

Let's talk about BitTorrent. It is the world's leading peer-to-peer decentralized information sharing network, with 150 million users worldwide. It is huge, and it is the only relevant service of its kind because it brought out every competitor (eDonkey, eMule, etc.).

Tron announced that the current month has started the Project Atlas which will be a merger of Tron and BitTorrent types such that BitTorrent will use Tron's new core network as a base platform. This alone will significantly increase the performance of BitTorrent, but there is more. Tron plans to use TRX tokens to create incentives for torrent users to seed their content for longer times. And there are 150 million. All of these users will become, perhaps unknowingly, new Tron users who will drive the network and create TRX applications and utilities.

Another new feature in the Tron environment is the virtual machine that has achieved excellent reviews. Some have called it the most versatile instrument that has ever hit the cryptosphere and compare it to the television personality of the years' 80 McGyver, famous for his ability to build a nuclear bomb using only duct tape, two spoons, a pot and a Swiss army knife.

To make a long story short, let's say that today's Tron is a different beast than a semester ago. The community is much bigger, more committed and, at the time, it seemed like the promise of an excellent blockchain project, many of the features imagined for the future are now a reality. Today Tron has a real usefulness to solve the problems of the real world, which means that when the next bullish run will occur, Tron will explode in a spectacular way.

Last but not least (I've probably noticed several times in my articles in the past), we are talking about a very young project. He is just one year old and has already been reached so much in such a short time. Imagine what it will do next year, now that its base has been laid and proved to be substantial.

Mark our words. Tron will explode (the last two days are just the beginning) sooner or later. Do not sell it yet. And yes, it is still not released by the king, Bitcoin, so if the market shakes, it will follow in the footsteps even regardless of what it does now, but Tron seems destined to succeed at the end. Patients could have their dream car.

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