Tron (TRX) Daily Price Forecast – September 17th

  TRON Foundation completes TRX Burn of 4.9 billion token ERC20

TRX / USD Medium-term trend:

Supply Zones: $ 0.02800, $ 0.02900, $ 0.03000
Demand Zones: $ 0.01700, $ 0.01600, $ 0.01500

TRX continues in the range in its medium-term perspective. The strong bearish pressure returned after the formation of a railroad at $ 0.02032 in the area requested on September 15th.
The cryptocurrency was pushed to $ 0.01920 in the demand area with the signal to the bulls returned while the candle closes like a hammer. TRX was up to $ 0.02013 in the refueling area before the end of yesterday's session

The 4-hour bullish opening candle at $ 0.02000 sustained the bullish momentum while the cryptocurrency earned a maximum of $ 0.02029 in the supply area before today. The stochastic oscillator is at 69% and its signal points downwards which implies a downward momentum in the price of cryptocurrency while it varies.

TRX is varying and trading between $ 0.02173 in the upper supply area and $ 0.01792 in the lower demand area of ​​the segment. A breakout in the upper area or a failure in the lower area is imminent, so traders should be patient and wait before engaging in an exchange.

TRX / USD Short-term trend: Bearish

The cryptocurrency is in a bearish trend in its short-term outlook. The $ 0.01920 bullish pressure in the demand area pushed the coin up to $ 0.02029 in the supply area and lost momentum. This created a triple formation in the area.

The returned bears were further confirmed with the formation of the bearish railway. TRX had fallen to $ 0.01975 in the demand area earlier today.

With the stochastic oscillator a and its signal pointing down, we could see TRX fall to $ 0.01919 in the demand area while the bear pressure becomes strong to complete the M short term training .

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