Tron (TRX) collaborates with Crypto and Proud to further promote the use and adoption of TRX – The Tron (TRX) Foundation is relentless in raising awareness, use and the adoption of the TRX-TRX / USD price today


Undoubtedly, in the space of the digital currency, the digital currency that finds more cases of use will surely obtain greater adoption. One of the ways in which the basics of the blockchain project are pushing for adoption is through the creation of means through which their digital currencies will find utility as a way of transfer of value and not just as a store of value or speculative instruments.

Tron (TRX) Foundation Partners with Crypto & Proud

In view of the push for adoption, the Tron Foundation (TRX) has just secured a partnership with Crypto & Proud to bring several merchandise into the Tron community (TRX). In a tweet revealing the partnership, Justin Sun – the CEO of Tron TRX – stated that Crypto & Proud has made some collectables available for purchase by the Tron community using TRX.

He added that the basis of collecting will increase in the future even if the company was commissioned to produce unique goods for Tron (TRX). At the moment, the products available for the Tron community (TRX) at the Crypto & Proud store are Polo shirts, cases for iPhone X and T-shirts.

According to a post about the partnership on Medium, Crypto & Proud is said to ship internationally. So all Tron owners (TRX) and holders of fifty other digital currencies can order from the store.

TRON (TRX) Price today – TRX / USD

Tron (TRX) Price trend

The value of TRX does not seem to respond to the apiary of the activities and developments implemented by the Foundation, that in normal times would have a significant effect on the value of money. The price of the digital currency has not really been impressive in the last few months, as it is steadily declining. However, it is not unique in this race, as the entire digital currency market is in crisis. A lot of digital currencies have lost a significant portion of their values, with most of them testing new annual lows.

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