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If you are a cryptic enthusiast, then you may have heard of TRON TRX, one of the most interesting cryptic projects of our time, but also one of the most complex.

TRON stems from an idea of ​​the millennial Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun, and is a platform for sharing decentralized entertainment content that will ultimately exploit blockchain and peer-to-peer (p2p) network technology.

In short, TRON is an entertainment platform that aims to provide content creators with full control over their creations. It allows content producers to obtain funds directly from consumers, excluding the intermediaries usually involved.

Important features of TRON

To understand how TRON works as a platform, users must first understand some of the key principles of TRON.

For beginners, TRON is all based on net neutrality and data release. Another key feature of TRON is the point-to-point operations that allow users and content creators to bypass centralized payment processors.

TRON is also a fairly flexible platform, boasting support for various blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. TRON also allows gaming companies to issue game-related currencies that can be freely exchanged with other game publishers using the TRON protocols. One of TRON's missions is contributing to the online gambling industry. It is proposed to do so by creating multiplatform systems that provide various authentication methods.

The TRON token

The first thing that users need to understand about the TRON environment is the fact that there are three tokens involved, namely TRONIX, TRON Power and TRON 20 Tokens.

The main purpose of the Token Tron 20 is to allow content creators to generate and release their own tokens. TRONIX (TRX) is the official native token of the platform (currency), the one that can be traded or purchased on most exchanges. TRONIX is required to access the TRON platform and is used to buy and sell content on the platform.

Finally, there is TRON Power (TP). Users can think of TRON power as "locked" TRONIX. To be more precise, voluntary users to block their TRX will receive TP as a reward. In addition, they will also receive voting rights and other types of privileges in the TRON ecosystem.

As previously stated, content creators will be able to view their content on the TRON platform. Everything that is displayed on the TRON network can be purchased, regardless of whether it is music, movies, images, etc. Content can be purchased using the TRX token without adding other types of commissions.

Development Phases

One of the main advantages is that third-party encryption platforms can also host content on the TRON platform, as well as offering their own tokens. So, TRON is not just a free platform for content creators. It is also a social media network and a payment platform.

TRON, as seen today, is still a part of what is to come. This is a long-term project and, according to the project, the various axes of development will have to be achieved in the following years.

The set of phases begins with Exodus in 2017 and will eventually lead to Eternity in 2027. Exodus is a free platform that allows uploading, archiving and distribution peer to peer. It is designed as an open and stable platform for publishing and storing data. The next phase is called Odyssey, and its main purpose is to encourage early adopters to create and distribute content on the platform. Apollo will have the role of enabling content creators to distribute their tokens and provide investment support for the public, much like the ICO currency models. Star Trek will be another integral part of the TRON platform, as it will act as a decentralized gaming platform and prediction. It will allow developers to create and distribute games on TRON. Eternity will be the final stage and will allow users to develop crowdfund games and provide all kinds of investor support.

The TRON Team

Without a doubt, one of the main assets of TRON is the strong Dietro team. For beginners, TRON CEO, Justin Sun, has been involved in Ripple as the main representative of the Chinese region. Sun is also the founder of Peiwo (a successful Chinese social media platform) and has been listed twice as one of Forbes 30 under 30. The team is complemented by Lucon Chen, Chief Technology Officer of TRON, who has immense experience with Internet company, and product supervisor Deuce Yu, who is very competent in the gaming industry.

Charles Zhang is another noteworthy team member. The former co-founder and COO of Elegance Space is a financial specialist with knowledge that expands well beyond the cryptographic sphere.

Where can you buy TRX?

The purchase of TRX is not at all difficult as this ERC-20 token is available in most major cryptographic exchanges such as Huobi Pro, OKEx, Binance and Rfinex. The most popular trading pairs include ETH and BTC.

Where can TRX be stored?

Because TRX is an ERC-20 token, it can be stored in most Ethereum-compatible wallets such as Ledger Nano S, Trezor or MyEtherWallet.


Considering all that has been said, TRON is undoubtedly a very interesting project with immense potential. Driven by one of China's brightest minds and supported by a large number of investors and a very capable team, TRON will continue its unstoppable development.

However, before deciding to fully commit to invest in this project, consider also doing your research in depth as this article should in no way be considered an investment advice.

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