Tron [TRX] announces the release of TronWeb; more travel development tools


Recently, the Tron Foundation announced the release of TronWeb, a javascript front-end API [Application Programming Interface] that will link users' projects to Tron's blockchain.

The Foundation stated on Twitter:

"Today we are releasing TRONWEB, a javascript API front-end linking your project to the blockchain TRON # equivalent to Etheurem Web3.js"

The Tron Foundation also added:

"A big thank you to our engineers at TRON! Other development tools will be available soon."

According to the Foundation, TronWeb is the equivalent of the & # 39; Ethereum Javascript API known as Web3.js. Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows users to connect to a local or remote Ethereum node using an HTTP or IPC connection [Inter-process communication]. The Javascript API implements the generic JSON RSC specification.

Together with the announcement of TronWeb, the Foundation has also confirmed that they will soon announce the release of another tool called TronBox. TronWeb and TronBox will allow developers to create dApps that effectively assist in Tron's expansion and growth.

The Tron Foundation has stated that through Tron Web, the platform aims to provide a consolidated, fluid and coherent development experience, which is a direct influence of Ethereum's web3 implementation.

In addition, the Tron development team has expanded on the core of Web3 so that it can decipher the functionality that make up the essential features of Tron. The team has also worked on developing new tools that allow the integration of dApp into browsers, Node.js and IoT devices.

In terms of compatibility, TronWeb was built for version 6 of the Node.js runtime and previous versions. TronWeb is also compatible with browsers that have more than 0.25% market share and can also be shipped in a & quot; Chrome extension. The Tron Foundation also stated that the API is suitable for frontend frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.

Both the TronWeb API and the TronBox tool are additions that will be provided by the Tron Virtual Machine which was officially launched on August 30th. The Tron team also said that it is working on a new repository where developers can find all the information related to Tron's blockchain.

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