Tron tries to decentralize the TRX network by replacing the Genesis representatives with the super representatives


Tron wants to become even more decentralized than before

Tron (TRX) is one of the largest and most promising projects in the cryptocurrency space. Although it is a decentralized project, it seems that Tron's supporters and developers want to further decentralize the network.

Back on June 25, Tron celebrated his Independence Day in which a group of special representatives launched the Genesis block. These representatives were known as the Tron Independent Group (TIG). These 27 anonymous and consensus volunteers were responsible for several issues.

They provided Super Representatives (SR) with a fast track for the migration of TRX funds, provided exchange services for several exchanges that wanted to support the Token TRX migration, and 342 million TRXs were also assigned. In addition, they organized a 12-hour live streaming on Independence Day and managed TRX for the community to test the main TRON network.

Those representatives of Genesis should be replaced by the Super Representatives. Elections to select new representatives started after June 26th. A few hours ago, Marcus Zhao, leader of the Tron public chain division, announced on Twitter that they will approve the proposal to remove the power of the GR.

This means that the Tron network would become even more decentralized than it is currently. This is the second vote related to this problem. The first attempt, which was held in October, obtained only 16 votes to remove the power of Genesis representatives. Now, the new vote to remove this power received 20 votes, exceeding the 19 votes required to be approved.

This vote could encourage more competition between the Super Representatives. In addition, there will be additional prizes to better support SRs and applicants on the network.

Tron is currently the 11th largest cryptocurrency on the market after Monero (XRM). Tron has a market capitalization of $ 1.57 billion and each TRX coin can be purchased for $ 0.023 dollars.

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