Tron Translators (TRX) 121 Get 170,000 TRX rewards


Tron (TRX) has indicated that, so far, has rewarded translators involved in translating Crowdin 170,000 TRX.

The announcement came when the cryptocurrency revealed last month's award, saying that the Tron community is grateful to all contributors working for the complete decentralization of the currency.

At the moment, Tron has translations in 33 languages, with 121 translators.

"Total awards for translators reached 170,000 TRX, TRON appreciates everyone's contribution and encourages more TRON supporters to take part in the translation," said Tron.

Last month, 10 translators on Crowdin were awarded, the number is expected to double this month since the currency continues to expand day by day. Currently, cryptocurrency has fans in Japan, Korea, Spain, Russia, Germany, India, Arab enclaves and many other countries.

"We are delighted to receive the translation support from the community, which allows us to better keep in touch with our supporters of various regions."

Tron's goal is to create a global decentralized ecosystem robust and prosperous, so, the digital currency considers the development of the community as its number one priority.

"TRON has organized various global incentive activities, involving the global community.To meet the growing needs of the community, TRON offers translation awards to supporters around the world who have engaged in the translation of files and contributed to healthy development. of the community. "

Tron was one of the main coins in the cryptocurrency space grows with the speed of light. The coin continues to receive recognition from far and near.

With an increasing number of exchanges supporting cryptocurrency, there is hope that Tron will double the price by the end of the year.

Since Tron left the Ethereum network, he has been thriving in several areas to replace Ether and other coins that have smart contract platforms.

One of the ways Tron expects to outdo the other is to distribute prizes to his community each time. This, according to observers, is as an incentive to ensure that the community continues to believe in the growth of cryptocurrency.

This week, BITBOX announced to list Tron, distributing 9 million giveaways for the Tron community later.

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