TRON redefines & # 39; shitcoin & # 39; putting smart toilets on the blockchain


Do not be Czech! The start-up blockchain startup TRON entered a strategic partnership with Moshroom, the intelligent toilet supplier, which culminates in the production of blockchain cabinets.

Ok, obviously there's more to this story than it looks. Blockchain in this case is used to provide infrastructure for micro-payments – to pay for the use of one of these toilets. Moshroom will supply the bathroom, Tron will supply the blockchain

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Seriously, TRON and Moshroom are facing some of the most demanding problems for the development socieities . In many developing countries, people do not have easy access to clean and safe places to roam, do business. The partnership aims to offer this – at a cost.

TRON and Moshroom will primarily address Southeast Asia and India with this new technology, where the use and payment of sanitary facilities will be supported through the use of blockchains .

While the ad does not explicitly mention if the toilet integration will support TRX payments (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter), the statement suggests that the intended use case is for micro -transazioni.

Moshroom is best known for their eco portable toilet solutions, which can be installed anywhere and work entirely off the grid.

One of my concerns is that time, location and duration of my – or should we say – people's bathing moments, will be recorded, forever, for everyone to see, on the blockchain.

We hope that unlike its "partnership" misleading with the Chinese clone Netflix Baofeng, the integration of the toilet facilities of TRON is legitimate.

How people have

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Published 9 August 2018 at 16:00 UTC

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