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Lately Tron has drawn a lot of attention: in the last month he launched his test network, completed his token exchange, he started his super-representative program, purchased the famous BitTorrent website and more. Justin Sun, Tron's CEO, remained one of the most active leaders in the crypto and continues to push his Tron token plan to be the decentralized Internet currency. So, where does it leave us in terms of price? The following is our Tron price forecast for 2018.

Currently, TRX is at number 11 of the total market capitalization with a coin price of around $ 0.017, or about 291 Satoshi for observers of the report. He had been suspended in this position for the last few months, up to a few drops of rain in recent weeks. The maximum price of TRON coins was as high as eight cents just three months ago. Despite the good news and the series of announcements, TRX has diminished as the rest of the market.

And in predicting any price, especially if we are looking at SATS (BTC currency ratio), the macroeconomic movements of the market are going to affect it. If the market and the rebound of the BTC, TRX, like many coins, will rebound by default. In this way, I will keep my price forecast in three terms; The price in USD, the satoshi ratio and the ratio between market capitalization TRX and the entire cryptocurrency market (as measured by

Tron price factors to be taken into consideration

To evaluate the price, we must consider a few elements. Let's start with the movement. TRX ICO is about $ 0.0019, very far from where it is today, although a much longer way from the maximum of all coins in the currency of almost 30 cents. Yet for the first investors, TRX has made a profitable gain and suspects that many have sold their original purchase, especially when the price hit down in 2018, taking profits while they were yet to be realized.

TRON had one of the most mega-ICOs; bringing in $ 70 million dollars. In May, there were still over a million portfolio addresses containing TRX, the proof that many have held since the beginning and new holders have joined.

The next place to watch is the volume. The TRX volume is strong and constant. It sees a movement of about $ 200 million every day, to be given or taken, and is distributed through the two main trading channels for coins of its kind; USDT Trading and BTC Trading Mixed in there is ETH trading, but the highest of this (on this particular day) is only $ 5 of the $ 200 (2.5%) and fiat trading, the highest of which is paired with the KRW (It's no surprise, Koreans are usually the highest fiat -traders). But even this is only $ 6.5 million. A very small portion.

Influence of Trading Trading on the Price of Tron

Here is our first price that he expects to say: fiat trading is still extremely unrepresented here. This means that TRX has a huge opportunity to enter a major sale of Fiat; whether it is more KRW or TKY, or more importantly, fiat transactions from China, the United States and Europe. This has not happened yet because nobody is provided with that gateway. Once someone does it (either Coinbase for example for trading in USD, I expect that we will see a volume peak (not all purchases of course) that will probably increase the price of TRX. The announcement of Coinbase, for example , to potentially add Stellar and Cardano to his site, has raised both coin prices by 10-20% in the following days.

So, fiat gateways will have influence here. What is needed to get fiat gateways? And of course, exchanges will not fail to believe that the blockchain is safe, economical and trustworthy, and that money, through exchange, respects the different national laws on buying. Not a small task.

And since TRON is just starting out as its own chain Having launched its "sandbox" virtual machine just a week ago, it will not happen soon, but it must stabilize earlier.

However, there is some positive news on q this front: here is a hypothetical case of use: rewarding torrent seeder with TRX for their bandwidth to Experts are already commenting on this opportunity, both for its practicality, but also for the vision of Sun and TRON to enhance financially a decentralized Internet (managed by the user). If there is an incentive for the individual to be executed, it removes the reliability of large institutions. This is what they want; and the TRX coin, confined to the Tron blockchain, can provide that economic effort.

What does this come with fiat gateways? My theory is that the more a currency is exposed to the public utility, providing for example the bandwidth, the more its value is separated from Bitcoin or the cryptographic market in general. If I want to do a singular task, or I want to be paid for a single thing, I do not want to go through another currency to get my TRX. Thus, with the increase in online single-use reward structures, an undeniable demand for the purchase and exchange of fast TRXs that would make the exchanges see the need to associate the combination with BTC .

China's Deep Pockets

China is the great release for me with TRON. Put simply, they are not at stake right now (the Chinese yuan is estimated to be 1% of the total BTC trade). We are not seeing the coupling of the CNY with TRON, or other currencies, and we are not seeing that the Chinese companies have really started investing in the currency. More on this in a second.

TRON is one of the three great Chinese I watch; together with NEO and VET. I suspect that when (and I think it will be a when) China starts to heat up with the crypts, it will try to strengthen its national projects before the international ones. You can see it with the announcement of the VET to work with the Chinese government. I think that TRON could see the same benefits.

The risk capital scene in China has exploded as never before. You can see the charts and an article here; but the short is that the companies of VC and the great Chinese technology companies are pumping money into startups. And not just a little bit of money. Much money. At this time, TRON does not necessarily need VC money (it has raised $ 30 million in ICO and now has a value close to $ 2 billion with coin liquidity), but it is still an option for them.

And if the time comes for acquisitions, or an international marketing blitz to attract users to their currency, I trust this company more than most. First there is the Sun and its connections, but just like one of the Chinese coins positioned stronger. It will have the advantage of being a local investment, something that the Chinese have shown to love for the dismay of companies like Google and Uber.

Switching on the Chinese switch may change TRON from one day to another. So it's always at bay. And I do not say that on many coins. Also a mention of the fact that China will allow money – personal and institutional investors – will return to the crypt could double the prices of TRON overnight.

Longer-term technical analysis

Besides the above-mentioned reasoning, I found some interesting technical signals for the price of TRON; convincing charts to think about a future in which the TRX / BTC relationship turns sharply in favor of TRON. Here are two examples.

This is done by the analyst dontFOMO and shows a fund of the TRX relationship with a wedge of tori formed from May. From here, this analyst sees a rebound towards the top. The graph shows a rebound that could lead TRX up to 615 Satoshi. Here is the table:

Using MACD and RSI readings, the x45lu analyst sees a double convergence on the TRX daily graphs that may jump to the top and start a lower value than the BTC ratio. Here is the table that the user did:

Walletinvestor – although it is not the most reliable technical analysis by any means, it has a chart showing TRX increases in the remaining months of the year with an end USD 2018 targeted for just over 5 cents.

Tron Price Prediction 2018

Ok, I gave the factors I'm looking at in terms of TRX. I think this article also covers the recent news and technical articles of TRON that are outside of the prediction of prices but obviously related to it. A currency must perframe and progress (or it should still need, although this market is still highly irrational) to see its currency maintain its value.

So where does TRX land?

Let's start with the tougher, pure USD price. I think TRX has a lot of momentum to do it. I think trading pairs, especially if we see that CNY enters the equation, could really blow this thing up. China adds even more intrigues of possibilities. I see that TRX is going up. And in the next 5 months, I saw $ 0.665 or six and a half cents. It would be a strong recovery from this point, but only a little higher than in May 2018. This is feasible and would give TRX a market capitalization of over $ 4.2 billion (based on current supply numbers in circulation ), a bit & # 39; higher than EOS is currently (and I think TRX has more momentum for EOS's usability at the moment).

Come on, Satoshis. So, from where will TRON / TRX arrive in relation to BTC by the end of 2018? Well, we should predict where BTC arrives, a whole other article and something that has been covered by experts from all angles. The estimates are anywhere from $ 1 to $ 25,000 that I have seen, which I think are both highly improbable, of course.

I'm confident about crypto and BTC is making a comeback, but I do not see it doing the bump I've seen in TRX (200% +) in 5 months. So I think BTC will settle somewhere near $ 8k – $ 11k for the rest of the year; so I would see a range of Satoshi anywhere from 590 sats to 825 sats. I think it will take a year or two more for the coins to move away from BTC seriously, so if a coin like TRX starts making serious moves, it will be bullish for cryptocurrency, probably moving the BTC upwards. Of course, vice versa is also true.

Finally, the TRON price compared to the whole market. At this time, TRON represents less than 1% of the total market (around 0.07%). I expect TRONs to outperform the market, but the other factor is the new coins entering the market, and many of those will come on the back of so many ICOs, bringing more millions to the market. SO even if the TRON exceeds the current 5% coins, it could be equalized by the ICOs. ICOs have raised $ 6.3 billion only in the first quarter of 2018 (exceeding all of 2017), so it must be considered.

However, if I think that TRX is due to the impact that I forecast in pure USD, it will surpass the market even with the new influx. So my prediction is that by the end of the year we will see TRON occupy somewhere from 1.1-1.4% of the total cryptographic market (which would be something like a $ 375 and $ 525 billion market. , in line with the 8k-11k BTC


The conclusion here is easy, I am optimistic about what TRON can do and, in turn, I am bullish on that price of the TRX increase, even in the short term ( before the end of 2018) I think there is a convincing case about the potential of TRX to start feeding decentralized systems, creating demand for money and real use cases that create underlying value.It is not an easy task, so it could come later, but if TRON can show that this is the path to the bottom, more money will come in. And if part of that money starts flowing from a Chinese market that has been hesitant, well this could be a complete game change .

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Disclosure: We are / are long TRX-USD.

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