Tron Overview (TRX): increased liquidity and a very optimistic feeling in the community


TRX was surprisingly quiet when it comes to its price action in recent times. Opening the month of August to $ 0.0033945 / 437 satoshi, the currency recorded a monthly minimum of $ 0.017565 / 291 satoshi the 14. In the following period, TRX tried to run a run for 400 satoshi twice, before to settle in a lateral pattern that has not been interrupted in the last couple of weeks.

A TRX is currently valued at $ 0.022254 USD (- 10.46% increase over the last 24 hours) / 340 satoshi (5.11% increase over the last 24 hours). Its daily trading volume is quite solid, at 17,031 BTC. With a market capitalization of $ 1,265,919,208, TRON is currently the 13th th most important cryptocurrency on the market, somehow out of the much coveted top 10 range.

WhaleAgents give a rather negative outlook on the currency: [19659003]

"Like many other altcoins, TRON has created sets of lower highs and lower lows since May 2018. This series has been discontinued at mid-August after the minimum of the last 8 months has been made.The bass has pushed the coin to rebound, albeit a superficial rebound.The price returned again to test the lows again and rebounded again. still traded below the horizontal resistance line, the trendline linking the highs of the recent swing and 100 and 200 DMA.In previous days, the price has failed again at the confluence of the resistance while the pressure on the bulls becomes bigger . "

Take a look at the complete analysis to see what their expectations are on the next currency move.

After seeing a litany of suspicious projects appearing on the TRON network at its launch on the mainnet, things are starting to look slightly more professional now. The most recent addition to the ecosystem is called SEEDGerminator; this is a platform that acts as an accelerator for developers trying to create DApp, token and technology on the TRON network.

SEEDGerminator works similarly to Kickstarter / IndieGoGo and other similar crowdfunding platforms, which allow developers to present their own applications for project funding directly to the Sesam community. The platform has already seen two projects published: Poppy, a payment processor, powered by Tron Blockchain, designed to integrate seamlessly into the modern Point of Sale and systems, an interactive open world game that exploits the unique characteristics of the blockchain for interaction with the player, gameplay and rewards in play.

The TRON network has seen other recently released quality apps. SeedIt a decentralized P2P payment system running on the Tron blockchain, allows users to send cryptocurrency to their favorite bloggers / artists / characters via Twitter and Telegram. SeedIt has already been used to send over 18 million TRXs since it was launched in late August 2018. TronChat is a decentralized alternative to centralized social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Project Atlas a joint venture created in collaboration with BitTorrent, will encourage people who continue to sow the media for longer, ensuring faster downloads and a wider dissemination of resources for the user. Finally, Casper is a decentralized alternative to Spotify that promises cheaper access to the music you love while still allowing content creators to keep rights on their content and earn money from it.

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The community is currently engaged in a strong debate regarding the Tron Super Representatives. A Reddit post made by a user named Ne1up4 has challenged SR's commitment to the project, including TRONSiliconValley, TRXMarket, EtherPoker, DAPPHOUSE, TheLastMe and TRONALLIANCE.

"(These projects) can not even be bothered to fill out their team page and the links to their websites are either dead ends or links to a pointless crap site. They do not give awards and I've never heard of of them doing something for the benefit of the community.Their constituents are mainly made up of some holders of heavy bags who are reaping the fruits for themselves " underlined the aforementioned Redditor in his post. The holometrix user responded to this list by listing several key points on which the SR should focus on re-focusing on the community and moving forward with the TRON project:

  • Distributed computing resources
  • Networking: reaching new users in new geographic areas / markets
  • Education: provides user-friendly guides to all trunks / crypts,
  • Development – creating new and useful tools for the community
  • Participation – viewing on websites such as this and answer to questions
  • Strategy – develop a community roadmap – show where they are heading in the medium term
  • Merchandising – providing non-financial rewards that help build the community
  • The people behind – keep track of records, consistency , knowledge.
  • General professionalism – no hype, no deception
  • Other – newsletters, guides, active social media sites.

The whole thing implies that the network suffers from an uneven distribution of tokens, with several key players holding huge TRX bags that allow them to manipulate the project. However, there are a couple of SRs who are doing positive things for the community (the Community Node is the one most often mentioned) and the upcoming SRs like BitGuild, Tronix International or Tron-Society should probably base their "campaign campaigns" around at the points mentioned above.

TRX's liquidity recently saw a couple of strong pushes. First of all, Binance confirmed the addition of a TRX / BNB trading pair to its platform.

And perhaps in even more important news, Bittrex confirmed that it would add Tron / USD and Litecoin / USD pairs to its platform, thus basically opening a fiat gateway for cryptocurrency. TRX was also made commercially available on BitBay. Finally, Justin Sun confirmed today that a TRX / USDT trading pair has been officially enabled on KuCoin.

Overall, we have seen some interesting developments of the TRON ecosystem in the last two weeks, as well as some solid growth in the liquidity of TRX. Will it be enough to make the TRON project successful in Ethereum? We'll just have to wait and see.

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