Tron Blockchain and TRX Coin Network's Top Compound in 2018

TRON-Network-reaches-a million Daily-Transactions-Milestone

While the cryptography industry has been bearish and slow this year, we have seen some cryptocurrencies work well, despite this. One of these is the Tron project (TRX).

This blockchain company has worked incredibly hard to keep pace with the roadmaps through the implementation of key assets and infrastructures and strategic partnerships with reliable companies and acquisitions of new companies.

While in the top 10 of cryptocurrencies for the better part of the year, the value of the token has seen it fall into the top 15, often dancing among the 12th and 13th positions.

The current evaluation of the token, however, is a poor reflection on the success of the company for the year. Let's take a quick look at some of these results.

Implementation of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM)

This was a milestone and a significant achievement for the company because of its crucial role in the growth and expansion of the project. Tron Virtual Machine is the technology that has provided the project with a wider and more impressive range of features and functions.

With this feature, developers can now create decentralized apps on the platform. In fact, this was the technology that fueled the development of the Tronbet game. Naturally, this has resulted in an increase in the popularity and demand of the token.

TVM is also responsible for the implementation of smart contracts on the Tron network. There are currently over ninety of those smart contracts running on the network. More importantly, this is the technology that put Tron on the radar, making it a worthy competition for Ethereum.

Launch of the Tronwallet

Tron has also launched its native p2p quest portfolio this year. This is a significant result because the portfolio offers investors and traders the opportunity to protect their portfolios on the platform.

While the desktop version was released in June 2018, the tronwallet now has a mobile app version on both iOS and Android platforms. The availability of this portfolio was responsible for the migration of Tron from the ethereum platform and its dependence on the ERC20 tokens for its transactions.

Tron has been listed on Changelly

In case you do not know it, this is a big problem. Changelly is an instant exchange platform and one of the most difficult to obtain. The ability of the token to enter the platform was seen as an indication of the feasibility and popularity of the project.

On Changelly you will find TRX / USD pairs, which means you can buy Tron token directly with your fiat currency. This was impossible before, since you first had to buy bitcoin or ethereum and then exchange them with Tron.

This new move highlights Tron, further strengthening investor confidence in the process and driving its popularity. With this exchange platform, users can take advantage of "fast, safe and stable storage, purchase and transfer TRX services".

List of bitboxes

Shortly after being placed on Changelly, Tron was also included in the BitBox platform. This helped push the price upward, with the token gaining up to 13% in the process.

Being listed on this exchange has further improved the popularity of Tron. In fact, the recent valuation of the price may not be foreign to being listed on the stock exchange.

The Bittorrent Acquisition

This year, Tron took a bold step in the acquisition of Bittorrent, an important torrent management service. This acquisition was aimed at further strengthening and expanding its decentralized peer to peer platform.

With this, Tron has approached its goal of becoming the first decentralized platform for sharing multimedia and entertainment content on blockchain. It is very likely that the purchase of Bittorrent will further increase its popularity, thanks to the 100 million users of Bittorrent.

With the acquisition of this torrent service, it is only a matter of time before Tron becomes the king of peer-to-peer entertainment sharing in the world.

Tron Mainnet Launch

While Tron was built on the Ethereum platform, it came out of the platform on the 25thth June 2018. This announced the launch of its mainnet on the same day.

The main network of Tron called Odyssey 2.0 is its partial response to the problems afflicting ethereum and has created an environment in which it is possible to create decentralized apps.

With the launch of mainnet, Tron has moved from being just a token and a work in progress to a real project with a tangible product and a service offering.

Adding Tron to the atomic portfolio

This year also saw the Tron token (TRX), added to the atomic portfolio. This is a key event because it helps compatibility with different operating systems. Thanks to this addition, you can now access Tron from Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows and Mac operating systems.

This also has the advantage of further increasing Tron's reach and helping it improve its customer base. With this portfolio, token management becomes easier and more reliable and transparent.

Launch of the Atlas project

Tron has worked on a platform that can bridge the gap between the blockchain and p2p networks. Project Atlas is that bridge and has been launched.

With this, managing and sharing content directly links creators and users, eliminating brokers and other third parties in the process. In this way, creating content and sharing will be cheaper and faster to access.

Distribution of TronLink

The team also created a way for users to access the Tron blockchain through browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

This is intended to further increase the reach of the Tron blockchain, making it easier to use. With this, content creators can easily interact with the blockchain and distribute their content there.

Poppy integration

Poppy is Tron's payment processor that allows merchants and service providers everywhere to accept the TRX token as payment.

This dAPP platform works with the same technology that powers MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. With this at stake, the adoption of Tron is growing and becoming even more widespread.

Final thoughts

Tron has shown that, despite the limited appreciation of its token prices, the project has real uses and applications.

This clearly indicates that Justin Sun and the team have a real goal and are serious about creating technologies that really matter, unlike many of the cryptographic projects in circulation. Tron has a very bright future in the blockchain space.

If you have been reluctant to buy in the token, there is no better time to invest than now. When some cryptography project fails and dies, we firmly believe that Tron will be around. Enter us as fast as possible.

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