Tron against Ethereum: the TRX blockchain has seen over 1 million user accounts at a faster rate than the Ethereum blockchain, new data show

Justin Sun has a very successful 2018 with his project, Tron (TRX).

Sun has always been considered the most enthusiastic promoter of the Tron Foundation and their token, TRX for the entire cryptographic space, and its efforts seem to pay off.

Tron enjoys over 1 million user accounts in record time

The Tron network has achieved extraordinary results this year and the latest data show the most recent success: the blockchain has managed to exceed one million user accounts in less than a year since Tron launched its mainnet.

This happens right after Justin Sun recently revealed via his Twitter account that the TRX network has reached another milestone: he has been able to process more than 100 million transactions.

Sun used a link to a TRX block explorer that shows that the token was able to process such a large number of transactions.

This critical number is most likely derived from the dApps that were built in the Tron ecosystem.

All of these essential successes made by Sun's blockchain come in the midst of the criticism that Tron and Ethereum have exchanged one with the other, notes

If you remember, not long ago, Sun advised the developers of the Ethereum blockchain that they were about to lose their investments due to the decline in the price of ETH to migrate to the Tron blockchain.

The latest data highlighting Tron's achievement of over a million user accounts come from one of the co-founders of, Misha Lederman on Twitter, as reported by

The speed with which Tron has reached the finish line is higher than that of Ethereum

Misha also made sure to highlight the fact that Tron's blockchain was able to hit this important milestone with a higher speed than that of Ethereum. Here is his official tweet:

On the other hand, some supporters of Etehereum do not agree with this comparison, and are motivating their vision with the fact that the entire cryptography market is now much more favorable than when it was created Ethereum.

In other words, they do not see this comparison as valid between the blockchains of Tron and Ethereum.

Tron is getting ready for niTRO (n)

In addition to this, Tron is preparing anxiously for their next developer conference.

The team described their next event with the following words:

"NiTRO (n) is our first developer conference in San Francisco, CA! Come and join the TRON community to feed your mind.The 2-day conference offers stimulating content from industrial thought leaders and key community members who they will take you into the vibrant world of the TRON ecosystem and all that is possible with blockchain to the power of TRON! "

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