Triphop announces its own currency of Cryptocurrency Travel And Rewards

  Triphop announces its own social currency Crypto travel and rewards

The new Triphop social travel platform offers rewards to those staying in specific hotels and then tells others about the experience there . It also works as a social media platform that offers free updates to travelers in the form of updated tickets and hotel stays.

The main point of the Triphop platform is to lower the price of hotels. choose to pay online Travel agencies tend to cost a lot of money to use, Triphop will change by offering guests a cheaper payment option and will reward users through their primary token the Tripcoin. rather than the travel agency, thereby cutting the expensive commissions that OTAs typically charge.

Travelers typically conduct extensive research online to find the cheape st travel options, hotel stays, etc. But with the new platform, there is the possibility to search for the best prices, find them and then book them without the use of an OTA. Along with easy and convenient booking, Triphop will offer incentive packages and prizes to users on the platform. Prizes range from free drinks to upgrades to tokens.

In addition, the platform is used to exceed the current tariffs by OTAs, which derive considerable profits from the commissions charged to travelers. Triphop uses the power of influencer marketing to offer rewards to guests, thereby increasing traffic to hotel and travel websites, rather than paying through commissions.

Triphop's solution is simple, to help guests and hotels alike, helping establishments make profits while saving money for those who book them. By eliminating the intermediary, blockchain-based online booking services help reduce the price people pay and encourage them to book hotels online through their personal website. The second phase of the project is to improve the customer experience, also through the incentives and advantages they offer for the use of their services.

Triphop is aware of the problem in the travel agency where hotels are losing money because of the booking agents they use. People are fed up with paying travel agency fees for using their services. Instead they would like to book directly through the hotel. Booking through an OTA does not offer any incentive for the guest or the hotel, Triphop will change – the result is beneficial for all parties – making booking an online hotel a better experience for the traveler everyday.

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