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Transcendence promotes socially valid sustainability projects on the Blockchain

Transcendence provides an end-to-end solution for the development of complex infrastructures and sustainable energy projects, with the support of the former deputy head of the Government of the Australia Capital Territory

Maoneng, one of the leading solar energy developers in Australia and owner of renewable energy resources, today announces the launch of Transcendence, a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of renewable energy projects. The platform will promote socially valuable infrastructure projects. The project was developed with the support of Simon Corbell, former deputy head of the Australian Capital Territory government, attorney general and minister for the environment and climate change

The current model for developing renewable infrastructure around the world is a closed system, difficult to access for local communities and smaller organizations. Even with current projects and the global drive towards sustainable development, we will not hit the turning point of renewable energy for nearly twenty years, until 2035. Large corporations, government officials, experienced investors and large banks dominate this opaque system is closed . These participants often focus on high-cost profits and structures, rather than on the development and completion of the project itself. The result is often an inefficient and closed sector.

transcendence logoThe Transcendence platform (TSD) addresses the critical points of the sector, simplifying complex projects through a blockchain-based model that is open and transparent to all participants. Transcendence offers an end-to-end solution for all those who want to create, finance and develop complex infrastructures and sustainable energy projects. Decentralized ledger technology offers a solution that allows multiple participants to interact with each other, with the certainty of contractual obligations and the ability to track each interaction, making sure nothing escapes the cracks.

The TSD platform will be available to a wide range of industry participants, including entrepreneurs, developers and builders, equipment manufacturers, community leaders and engineers. Everyone can be involved in pushing for the adoption of sustainable energy mass.

The TSD will assist all aspects of the project development, including:

  • Identification of the concept and identification of the site
  • Scoping, financial modeling and planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Authorizations, financing and procurement
  • Engineering, construction and commercial operations.

MVP, recently released, offers users the unique opportunity to experience the appearance of the platform from different points of view: landowners, developers and investors. Each is given the change to preview how the platform will work. The MVP offers landowners the expertise to find, measure and list their land in exchange for cash and TSD tokens; developers the ability to view a list of land from a landowner and field quotes from service providers; and investors the opportunity to identify the market and the various cards available.

maoneng solar cells

"We have witnessed the problems of the sustainable energy community," said Qiao Nan Han, CEO of Transcendence, "Given that the industry is now, there is no guilt for large companies that are more focused on profit that create a long-standing project The Transcendence platform not only opens up sustainable projects to people outside the big banks and institutions, but also keeps the participants accountable, monitoring every development along the way. "

"Transcendence is a new innovative and powerful platform that aims to exploit the decentralized capacity of renewable energy," adds Simon Corbell, "Its goal is to enable more renewable energy projects to be developed more quickly, driven by a series of new players Accelerating the development of renewable energy is vital to ensure a sustainable future for all. "

For more information, see the transcendence white paper here.

About Maoneng

Maoneng is an Australian-Chinese group focused on the development and management of large scale renewable energy projects in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Collectively, the Maoneng team is more experienced in providing over 50 billion global infrastructure. Maoneng adopts a holistic approach to the development of large renewable power plants, having built a specialized team in the whole value chain: project development, project finance, construction management and operations.

About Transcendence

Transcendence is a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of sustainable, renewable and socially valuable infrastructure projects. Transcendency (TSD) aims to empower people who are interested in developing sustainable infrastructures to collaborate, raise capital and implement projects via a blockchain-based platform. Try to reinvent the existing infrastructure development industry dominated by incumbents, including investment banks, financial institutions and wholesale investors.

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