Total Crypto Market Cap jumps $ 12 million in an hour while BitMEX pauses in trading


Crypto markets have increased today, on 21st August, seeing substantial gains among the top 100 coins less than an hour, as shown by Coin360 data.

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<p dir= Market display from Coin360

The capitalization Total market rate of all cryptocurrencies totaled more than $ 12 million in just over one hour to $ 222.8 million,

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<p style= 1- daily chart of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin (BTC) had been swapped sideways around at $ 6,400- $ 6,500 before seeing a sharp 5% peak in the space of just 45 minutes, touching about $ 6,790. Since then, the major cryptocurrency has dropped slightly to trade around $ 6.715 at the time of printing, increasing by about 6.2% on the day.

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<p dir= Bitcoin 1-day price chart Source: Cointelegraph Bitcoin price index

Bitcoin also boasts an increase of almost 6% during the week, while in the month the currency is declining by almost 10 percent, according to Cointelegraph's bitcoin price index.

All but one of the top ten cryptocurrencies have seen significant growth during today's peak, each with a gain from 4 to 9 percent per day

Among the top ten currencies, EOS (EOS) saw the highest growth over the 24 hours, up 8.7% and trading at $ 5.19. 19659011] In the first twenty coins, the VeChain altcoin (VET) saw the most significant growth of the day, with a huge increase of 18.67% to $ 0.015.

As some commentators pointed out on Twitter, the sharp increase in cryptographic markets began just like the criptag platform leveraged BitMEX announced that it was blocking scheduled maintenance trading at 1:00 UTC.

Crypto person and self-described "crypto prophet" Beastlorion published a series of surveys on Twitter in the hours before the scheduled shutdown of BitMEX suggesting that the move would affect the price of Bitcoin.

BitMEX is not quoted on the Bitcoin price of CoinMarketCap and volume averages because, as the tracking service states on their site, "[ad_2]Source link