Top 6 Ethereum cryptocurrency extraction pool (ETH): profitable options?

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If you are a miner, you will want to maximize your profits when extracting Ethereum (ETH) The best way to do this is to join an Ethereum pool and combine the resources you have with other miners around the world.

This is very important because solitary extraction is very complicated and finding a blockage could be very difficult for a single miner Mineral pools are very useful for those miners who have less hash power.

extraction in a pool you will have to choose one among the many available on the market, those that have been extracted for longer periods of time and that have no major attacks are the most reliable, which means that after using it and extracting your coins, you will receive your funds.

Let's see what are the po The most well-known and recognized minerals for Ethereum:

Ethpool / Ethermine

Ethpool and ethermine are the best mining pools on the market and the most popular for the ethereum community. The platform is hosted on two different websites and has 25% of the total hash power of the network. This is the largest pool for ETH extraction. At present there are more than 60,000 miners using the platform.


This platform represents 7.6% of the total hashrate of the Ethereum network. It is a minor community formed by professional Ethereum miners. Due to the fact that the pool is located in different parts of the world, there are multiple servers that guarantee a more reliable mining process.


F2pool allows users to extract different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins. The pool accounts for over 25% of the network's exhaustion and is a very reliable option in Asia. Other coins can be extracted, including Litecoin.


This is another important platform for extracting Ethereum. It generates over 13% of the hashrate network. And it's quite intuitive, secure and allows people to select the payment threshold.


If you are a more versatile miner, then this pool is perfect for you. It allows users to extract Monero, Ethereum, Expanse and many other coins, which is very good for users. The pool represents 4.3% of the total habate. Miners with powerful equipment and devices will have fun with this mining pool.


The last of the list is the so-called Ethfans . This is specifically designed for those users in China and neighboring countries. The pool represents 8.6% of the network hashrate and is a very important competitor for all the other pools mentioned above.


Yes, the market is full of mining pools that allow users to extract Ethereum. Some of them have cheaper taxes or other virtual currencies available, while others are used by more professional miners.

You will always have to think about which pool fits you best and your extraction needs. If you want to extract several currencies, you do not need to do it in an exclusive ETH pool. If you want to save money on rates, you can select the cheapest service; for reliability you can see which one has been for the longest period of time that operates without attacks.

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