Top 10 Bitcoin tracking tools and Altcoin aggregators to add to bookmarks


As a dynamic commodity with rapidly changing prices, bitcoin trading is a complex, breathtaking business venture for experts. In order for novice traders to get involved and stay in business, additional tools are required. One of these tools is aggregators that provide real-time information to traders.

In this article, we list the top ten bitcoin tracking tools and altcoin aggregators available for free.



Coingecko is a desktop application available for both Mac and Windows platforms. The software provides real-time information on the prices of the various currencies and their graphs. The site has a very intuitive design that requires a lot of learning. The other downside of this platform are the constantly annoying crowded advertisements everywhere in the user interface.

2. Ticker bitcoin

Ticker bitcoin

It is a bitcoin tracking application based on the Web and on mobile devices. Mobile app versions provide an easy-to-use interface for almost any smartphone. Users who reviewed the application on the Google Play App Store complained that the app occasionally closed to update prices.



This is a very simple and easy to use coin wallet detector that clearly indicates your profits. However, it is quite difficult to add transactions on the platform, but once done it becomes exciting to see all your profits and / or losses on one screen. The site is good for those interested in knowing only their profits without much distraction.



Cryptocompare is both a monitoring and news platform. The site provides news on all currencies, exchanges, portfolios and mining devices. There is also a discussion forum where we talk about various coins. In addition, Cryptocompare has a social function that allows users to interact directly with their followers on social media.


Coinfi is a web based cryptographic portfolio tracker. The site is distinct from the other cryptocurrency trackers as it allows users to track the coins they have invested in and at the same time be able to see the gainers or losers of the day. The site has a visually appealing user interface although the texts are not very appealing.



This is a mobile app that allows easy portfolio monitoring. The application has a very simple user interface. The platform has a standard news feature and also includes a cryptocurrency converter. The app developers have simplified the task of manually adding any transaction to the platform.



Blockfolio is a smartphone application to track portfolios. The app allows users to monitor in real time the amount of profits made. There is also a section where users can view the total value of their coins. In addition, blockfolio has an integrated cryptocurrency news feed. The platform has a design that adapts to the cryptic aesthetic needs.



Delta is a mobile and desktop application for cryptocurrency monitoring. The app has a very simple user interface that simplifies the processing of information relevant to users. The application has a section for displaying total earnings and total profits. However, at the moment, all operations on the platform must be entered manually.



Altpocket is a desktop and mobile friendly cryptocurrency tracker. The developers have created a very inviting aesthetic with a simple input experience. The design of the website and their involvement in social media are excellent. On the website there is a social feed where users can see the most recent posts of other people.



Cointracking is both a cryptocurrency tracking platform for desktop and mobile applications with a unique user interface with lots of information. Their presence in both desktop and mobile devices allows users to continuously track all devices. The site has a very simple user interface with a breakdown of the user's portfolio.

You can no longer ignore the importance of up-to-date information in the cryptocurrency space that things move a little faster. Use one of the above sites to stay up-to-date with prices, charts and market capitalizations of the thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation.

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