Tony Vays shoots the founder of Ethereum regarding the withdrawal from the project


Tony Vays has much to say about a recent article published by Technology Review entitled "Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin says that his creation can not be successful if it does not take a step back: at the annual Ethereum developer conference, its founder he says because his technology can be really decentralized if he ceases to depend on him ".

Vays continued to tweet the article and commented that Buterin was preparing to leave the Ethereum project. In the tweet, Vays also makes a jump to $ EOS stating that both projects make no sense and can not compete with Bitcoin. Claiming that BTC competes only with Fiat currencies

Buterin replied to Vays, saying that he will not leave the project and does not intend to slow down his engagement with Ethereum. He also stated that he is not "in charge" and that the maximalists of BTC have zero credibility.

Vays follows by asking Buterin if the titles of the articles are inaccurate, to which Buterin replies "Umm …. this is MSM we are talking about." Vays puts away the gloves and concludes "Thank you for making it clear".

Sometimes it's worth asking a question first rather than the gunghoe's approach to "shoot first, ask questions later".

Tony Vays could be a maximalist Bitcoin, but this did not stop him from taking an exchange on Bitcoin this year, and this exchange was short of BTC.

Crypto Twitter never ceases to entertain.

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