TokenPay (TPAY) Coming out with style:, CryptoBet, TokenGaming, Infinitesimal


TokenPay (TPAY) is one of the most respected cryptocurrencies. Cryptographic money is provided with distinct use cases, but focuses on some areas not observed by many.

A few months ago, a partnership was signed between Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay, which led the first to obtain a stake in Germany- based on WEG Bank.

While the love story between TokenPay and Litecoin continues. This weekend, TokenPay's CEO, Derek Chief, held a conference at the Litecoin summit. The conference with the topic "Litecoin, Ecosistema TokenPay and Why a Bank?" He opened up listeners on what TokenPay did for a few times. Among them are, CryptoBet, TokenGaming, Infinitesimal, among other ideas that the platform is planning at the moment.

What Earner.Com Promises

According to TokenPay, will become a freelance website that allows people to earn cryptocurrency based on the work they do. It is a decentralized form of Fiverr, Upwork and The idea will be different from the long-awaited TokenGig, a bulletin board where people are paid in TokenPay, etc. For the work. However, the CEO did not say when the idea would be unveiled.

TokenGaming – Aggregator game website

TokenGaming offers a personalized or generic platform with backend office and web design tool for your online casino. The platform says it has more than 50 products in casinos, bingo, poker, virtual casinos, sports and live.

TokenGaming can help develop custom platforms that can be adapted to the needs of any business model, with turnkey products and White Label solutions that are 100% adaptable to each of our customers.

CryptoBet – Gambling website

Even if the platform is still in the planning stage, CryptoBet will be the first fully compliant cryptic casino in the world. The available information reflects that the idea will be fully operational this year

At the moment, TokenPay is collecting the cryptocurrencies that would be added to the platform once it becomes operational.

Infinitesimal: to eradicate the traditional technology of the blockchain [19659005] TokenPay has decided to create the Infinitesimal protocol, a new blockchain technology that would solve the traditional blockchain commissions, the long confirmation times and the high volatility property of the cryptocurrencies that endanger users, traders and financial institutions.

According to TokenPay, the protocol is a highly scalable decentralized network of multiple bidirectional payment channels that uses Hashed TimeLock Contracts (HTLC) and cross-chain atomic swaps to allow almost instant transactional confirmation at incredibly low costs.

Infinitesimal incorporates smart-turing-complete contracts, running on a sidechain, which allows you to run programs on the block based on Bitcoin kchain. These intelligent contracts combine the ease of use for which Ethereum's blockchain is known, with the security and privacy that Bitcoin's blockchain offers.

The infinitesimal protocol is currently under development, the idea should be unveiled in 2019. [19659002] Image Credits: Steemit.

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