Token Whiskey ICO (WHY Token): safe currency for investment in cryptocurrency?

Token Whiskey ICO (WHY Token): safe currency for investment in cryptocurrency?

Based on Ethereum's blockchain, Whiskey Token is the world's first whiskey-supported cryptocurrency token. The token exploits the unlimited growth potential of cryptocurrencies and combines it with the security of the real value of whiskey to ensure that the whiskey token does not lose its value in the cryptocurrency market.

WHYTOKEN GmbH has developed the token with the objective of providing all WHISKEY TOKEN (WHY) token holders the opportunity to participate in the highly profitable cryptocurrency market regardless of their financial capabilities, while covering the their investment with a portfolio of high-end whiskey.

How does the whiskey token work?

The Whiskey token implements the asset-backed mechanism to minimize the risk of loss of whiskey tokens by owners. This security mechanism is responsible for supervising the WHY stock market price.

The value of WHY is based on the current market value of the high-end whiskey portfolio. The function of the mechanism will therefore be to ensure that the value of WHY does not fall by 90% below the asset backed value.

In the event that the value of the token is lower than the asset-backed value for more than a month, WHYTOKEN GmbH will redeem the tokens until the value is higher than the asset-backed value. The high-end whiskey portfolio that matches the asset-backed value is liquidated.

The revenue generated by this is used to purchase orders for WHY tokens on the stock exchange in order to increase the market value of the tokens. Purchased tokens are then destroyed to reduce their offer on the market, which will increase their demand and subsequently their value.

The power of decentralization

The decentralized nature of the Whiskey token will allow the community to participate and influence the portfolio in three ways:

  1. Token holders could propose bottles of whiskey to be included in the whiskey portfolio. In case of compatibility, the bottles are acquired.
  2. The token holder will participate in the vote to determine and select the most promising bottle to include in the portfolio.
  3. They will have the opportunity to buy the bottles of whiskey before they are sold to the secondary market.

Why invest in Whiskey token?

Low entry barrier

Participation in the crowds of whiskey tokens is possible with a minimum of 30 euros. This allows retail investors to benefit from the rarest whiskey, as the minimum investment is low.

Reduction of investment risks

The risk of loss of investment by the whiskey token holders is minimized through the highly diversified Whiskey portfolio. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown of investments, the portfolio is still protected. Likewise, the high-end whiskey portfolio does not limit the price of the Whiskey token.

Commission minimum commission

The platform will use blockchain technology to eliminate the intermediaries currently present in traditional investment funds that cause the funds to have management fees and high management costs. The elimination of intermediaries on the Whiskey Token will significantly reduce management costs and management fees, increasing the return for token holders.

Parameters of the WHYTOKEN ICO

  • Token: WHYTOKEN
  • Token Protocol: ERC20
  • Token supply: 28,100,000
  • Provision of tokens during ICO: 25,250,000
  • ICO Date: 01 December 2018
  • Token price: 1 WHY = 0.80 EUR
  • Soft Cap: 2 million euros
  • Hard Cap: 25 million euros

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